Villain Spotlight: The Evil Geeks (Part 2: The Evil Geeks Triumphant)


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The Brotherhood of Evil Geeks: They all sat in their thrones made of iron and bone and wood. He let them sit in silence for a little before getting up, and striding towards the head of the room. His empty throne now just a mass of bones made into suitable chair, jutting out and forming a seat fit for the king of the underworld.  He loved that chair, and hoped they would like theirs as well. He had tailored them to suit them perfectly. C-Mart’s leather and black, comfortable and appealing. Big Evil’s wooden and straight backed, perfect for quick escapes and fast movements. Kang’s a mass of metal and wires, each connecting him to a worldwide network of information and power. Biff’s was a 1920’s era automobile seat converted with a canopy to provide constant shadows over his features and body. Lilith was made of the earth, vines and leaves that kept the planet alive. Her wolves sitting by her feet, ready to tear open any who would oppose her. Greekimus sat in a throne of steel and twisted metal, made massive to fit his metallic shell, and keep him alive should his suit fail.  We did not need anyone to say that they were uncomfortable. “Let’s get started then shall we?” Arthur proposed.” I have heard rumors that you were told to find me, the One of the Black, thinking that I may help you in bringing this world back to where it belongs. In the hands of the people, and in the hands of those who would do anything and everything to keep it safe. You have been lied to. We are not trying to save this world anymore. There is no possible way to do that. He has already caused too much destruction and decay to this planet, and the only way to save it, is to stop it from getting worse. You all know what must happen, and you all know what we need to do.”

“We need to murder the president…” spoke Big Evil.

“ Yes,” responded Arthur” we need to kill President Roberts, and we need to do it now. It will not be easy, mind you. You all know what he has done, and those experiments he has performed.”

“Yeah, we saw the dog. I call dibs,” said Greekimus.

“Yes….the dog….my dog….I will never forgive him for that.” said Arthur

“I’m sorry, I had no idea that was your dog….can I still keep it after this is all said and done?” asked Greekimus.

“I am afraid that is not possible…..because he is my dog. However, you can have visitation rights….and I have to say…thank you for not hurting him. However, we have more pressing matters to attend to. President Roberts will die tonight, and we will finally be vindicated. No more hiding, no more secrets and lies. This will be our final attack on him…”

“You mean our first attack….” Chided C-mart.

“Yes, our first and last attack. If all goes well, we will not need a second attack. Now listen close, this is what will happen. We are no longer individuals, we are now a Brotherhood…..of Evil beings… says the President. He fancies himself a hero, I think of him as a mass of pustules waiting to be burst open in a shower of blood and pus…..ugh….I have succeeded in grossing myself out.”

“Yeah I was just going to say the same thing,” Big Evil said.

“What do we do, and how do we go about this? I have seen you in my dreams for a while now, and felt compelled to locate you… Kang as well. What is it that makes you so important to all of this?” Lilith asked.

“It is not what I am that makes me important, but what I have already done. I have been reaching out to you all subconsciously for a long time in hopes you would all be here sooner, but sometimes things don’t work the way they should, so it has taken a bit longer to get you all here.  Beneath your very feet sleeps something I have been cultivating for months , and once it is ready, there will be no stopping us. Is that understood?” said Arthur. A wave of comprehension rippled over them. “ Good…, if you will excuse me, I will make the final preparations and we will be ready to bring it to him. Prepare yourselves. This will be the most difficult thing you have ever done. “

Eric Roberts

President Eric Roberts: “I don’t understand….how the hell could you let them all get away?! You know what this means now….they will find him, and he will lead them to me. Not to us…to me. You have all failed me, and you are all dead to me now. Do it.” The soldiers were lined up against a wall, and in front of them stood a firing squad. A few seconds later, there was only the sound of bullet casings hitting the floor before all of them dropped dead. “Get them out of here, now. He knows where I am. He knows what I have been doing. What I have done. He will lead them to me, and then we won’t be able to stop them. Is it ready? “

“ Yessir. Whenever you are ready to take it, it is ready to be taken, but I must warn you. You may not survive the dose.” said the soldier

“None of us will survive if I don’t take it. Give it to me.” The soldier handed over the vial containing the light blue liquid, and the President drank it down in one shot. Pain racked his body as his DNA began to change and morph into a horrible mess of unnatural combinations. His body jerked and rocked as he fell to the floor in a gasp of pain. Moments later, his body stopped moving, and he lay there still, while the concoction finished its work. The President stood up, and proceeded to walk towards the door. He turned the knob, and entered into the front yard of the White House. “I need to see if it worked. “ he crouched down, and in an explosion of force and power, shot up to the skies and soared off towards the north. If he was going to be brought down, he was going to take everyone down with him. Making for Albany, he set his sights on the One of the Black….that bastard Harkness. “He will die, and so will the rest. Then this world will be mine forever. This ruinous landscape I have created will serve as a reminder to everyone who thinks they can challenge me. Nobody fucks with Eric Roberts……”


The Brotherhood of Evil Geeks:  Everything was ready and in position. “His hubris will be what brings him down. He is on his way now, and his goons are following him, but I have a surprise for all of them….and I can’t freaking wait to unleash it. So exciting!” Arthur was giggling as he said this, and it set the rest of the team slightly on edge as they weren’t sure what was happening. “Now don’t worry, you will all be safe, as I have set this up to only attack them, and none of us. Its amazing what you can do with a little nurturing…..and necromancy of course. “

“Necromancy?” Asked Lilith,“ Is THAT what you were referring to as your plan? Use of the dead? That is foul! That is blasphemous!! I love it….”

“ I thought you would.” said Arthur. “We are beyond morality now, and besides, just ask Reginald what he likes better, staying dead, or hanging out with us? “

“I am here only to serve you Master.”said Reginald.

“Goddamn broken record over here,” exclaimed Biff.

“His thought process is illogical. He needs not serve, yet he does? I am incapable of understanding,” Kang said.

“Preaching to the choir, buddy,” Arthur retorted,”Anyways, it’s time. Let’s go outside and meet our guests. “

 They filed out one by one through the double doors of Manse Harkness. All of them gloomy and stone faced. They knew the coming battle would be terrible and long, but they were all ready to fight to the end. For freedom, for liberty, and to beat the shit out of Eric Roberts. Thick, heavy smoke filled the air as they walked out to meet their opponents. It was coming up from the ground, hazy and mystical. Arthur smiled a devious smile. In front of them stood an army of more than 30,000 soldiers with the President at the helm. “What do you think of my welcoming party Arthur? Does it send chills down your spine? We all know how much you love bones and the dead. Maybe if you’re lucky, I’ll let you join them peacefully, but we both know that won’t happen. I have no issue with the rest of you, but there will be one if you do not get out of here and let me kill this man.” The President looked at each of them individually, noticing that there was no fear in any of their eyes. “I see you all are just as stupid as he is. Fine then, if it is your wish, then let us begin this little game.”

“Oh, I am not sure if you know this, but it has already begun, Mr President. In your magnificent moment of ineptitude, you failed to see the ground beneath your feet, and now that will be your undoing. You may want to do a bit of hovering, as this is going to get pretty amazing, “Arthur proclaimed as the ground start to shook. The President took to the air, twisted, then looked at the ground….and was greeted by the horrified faces of all of his men. The dead were coming back to life, thousands and thousands of them.” Do you see them? Do you see them Mr President? These are the people that you put into the ground with your experiments and genocides. This is what you have wrought in your greed and hubris. You have no idea the things you have done to all of us. How do you think we all got these abilities? We were normal people until you showed up, except for me of course. I was never normal. Dead things flocked to me and would never leave me alone. It turns out, I was reading them wrong. They weren’t torturing me, they were trying to warn me….about you, and about all of the things you were going to do. It has taken us months of planning and work, and just now all of the pieces have come together. This is going to be your end. Our army will crush yours, and then we will crush you. Is that understood?”

The President was horror struck. He looked around as all of his men were being ripped apart and dragged into the depths, screaming and clawing at the ground in an attempt to get away. There was no use. They were all dead, and soon, they may even come back on the opposing side. “You’ll pay for this! Do you hear me! You’ll all p—–“The words were cut off by a massive fist colliding with him as C-mart put all of his strength into that blow, and sent him rocketing into a nearby building.

“Calculating payload. Rockets loosed. Destruction imminent” chimed Kang as he unleashed a hell storm of rockets and lasers at the downed building.

“Wolves, take down any survivors of the dead, and make sure they do not go anywhere. Vines and leaves and trees, subdue them and hang them from the tops of your canopies to show that no one else need try and help him!”Shouted Lilith. All the while, Big Evil and Biff Tannen snuck through the shadows picking off any and all men standing in their way.

“Biff, catch!” screamed Big Evil as he threw a soldier into the air. The gun fired lightning quick; piercing, ripping through flesh and armor.

“Sorry kid, no can do. That’s a holy man, and God holds no power over me.” The man dropped in a splash of blood and gore, as Greekimus placed both hands on the ground.

“Let’s see how you all do with a little shocking display of power!” said Greekimus as arc after arc of lightning burst forth from the hands of his suit, littering the ground with jolts of burning death. Soldiers screamed and ran as fast as they could, but the dead, the wolves, and their worst nightmares were too close to get away from. They all fell one by one, until only the President was left.

 “How dare you! How DARE YOU!!! Do you know who I am? What I’ve done? What I can still do? I will crush you all and bring everyone and everything you hold dear to ruins!!!” the President bellowed.

“Don’t you understand….you already have. We have nothing left, except for this. Except for you,” Arthur explained.

“What do you want from me? What do you want? Just leave me be and I’ll leave you all alone!! I promise! I’ll give you anything you want.” cried Roberts. The serum was wearing off. He had no idea they had this kind of power, and he had no idea what they were capable of. All of his plans and schemes came crashing down before they even started. The loss of his soldiers demoralized him and brought him to his knees. He had depended on them to do the fighting while he watched from the wings. “What do you all want?!”

“What do we want? It is simple. We want you to die Mr President,” said Arthur.

“NEVER!! I’ll kill you all before you even think about moving!” He shot up into the sky, and came rocketing back at them. They all braced for the impact. Arthur, simply smiled and outstretched his arms, as if to perform the most evil of all embraces.

“You do not listen, Mr President. You have already lost, and this is why. I have been working on this for months, and this is the best part, I have sampled a part of your DNA into something I buried into the ground earlier this morning. Normally, a proper gestation period should take months, but with my prodigious skill in sorcery, I was able to cut it down to three hours. Mr President, you do not listen. Shut your mouth for one second, and use your ears if you please.” The president stopped midair, and heard a faint groaning coming from the earth. The ground began to shake again, but there was no army of the dead. Ten giant tentacles erupted from the ground and shot upwards towards him, enveloping and bringing him in for a deathly embrace.

“NO!!!! NO NO NO!!!! This can’t be happening!!! All of my work! All of my research!! …”

“Will now go to me and my friends here. Unlike you, we do not enjoy murdering people, except we will take great relish in killing you, Mr President. Now if you please, acquiesce to our request…..and just fucking die.“  The tentacles squeezed him hard until he heard bones break and veins burst from the pressure. The last thing he ever saw was all of them kneeling on the ground, staring at him as the tentacles drug him below and into the depths of the earth. “I told you, you would not win this. We had the planet with us, and everyone who has ever died at your hands. Mr President…..farewell. “And with that, President Eric Roberts saw his final sight, and experienced true horror for the first time in his terrible life. The tentacles dragged him deep below the earth, and in a final puff of smoke and debris, the President was no more. The earth would finally go back to the way it was. Free men and women, and the villains becoming the heroes. The way it should be.

“Well then….I guess that’s done with now. “ said Arthur. “I guess we’re free to do whatever we want now. Sooooooooo what do you guys want to do?”

“You guys wanna start a website or something? For shits and giggles?” asked C-Mart.

“Yeah….sounds good actually. A nice quiet existence is something I can definitely get behind. “ said Big Evil

“ Well then, it’s decided. You guys like comics?” asked Biff.

”Comic books are outdated, yet still valuable. I accept this request,” stated Kang.

“I would love to, however, the week is slightly difficult for me, but the weekend is doable. “ said Lilith.

“That is most agreeable,” said Arthur. “I call dibs on Horror movies…..for the time being at least. “

“Okay, okay we’ll figure all of that stuff out eventually…but first…beer,” said C-Mart.

“ Hold on…Greekimus…wanna go for a quick walk?” Arthur asked, ”I think I know someone that needs a treat…”

With that, a new Brotherhood was formed based on the principals of what the world thought was evil, but we knew better. We would keep that moniker, and we would keep it with pride. In a world full of so called heroes and those who would wish to oppress you with crappy content and terrible lies, we are the Brotherhood of Evil Geeks, and we have come here to crush and take over. Be warned……you will never hear the last of us.

Thanks for an Amazing, Astonishing, Fantastic, Incredible, Sensational, Spectacular, and Uncanny Year One!

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