Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Countdown….Awwww Mannn…It’s On!

Morning Nerds!

As we are getting closer and closer to the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who the BBC has released new promotional images for the Anniversary Special titled The Day of the Doctor. The 75 minute special is set to air on Saturday, November 23rd and I for one have the whole weekend blocked out to Who-out!


As you may know, I am a new fan of The Doctor and spent the summer watching the relaunch of series. I really, really enjoyed David Tennant’s run as the Time Lord and was so sad to see him leave. In fact, check out our podcast that we recorded minutes after his final episode, needless to say, I was emotional and was trying to come up with some scientific way to make Tennant the new Doctor before Peter Capaldi was announced! Matt Smith took some time, but eventually grew on me, so to have both him and Tennant share the stage has me ecstatic! I mean we’ve seen two doctors before, with both of them in fact, and it was really fun, but to have these two working together… the only word that I have is Brilliant!

At one time there were rumors flying around that the special would actually be in theaters for one night only, and man I can only hope that is true. If not I no that on the 23rd I plan to plop myself down in front of the largest and loudest television that I can find to watch this special! Along with Matt and David, the special also stars Jenna Coleman with Billie Piper and John Hurt (who looks straight up creepy in the image alongside exploding Daleks and the words Bad Wolf!!!)

The image so nice, that I put it up twice... Can't wait for this one!!!

The image so nice, that I put it up twice… Can’t wait for this one!!!

Smith was quoted as saying “The Day Of The Doctor is nearly here! Hope you all enjoy. There’s lots more coming your way, as the countdown to the 50th begins now.” I’m sure that I speak for all Whovians when I say Bring it on!!! I can hardly wait! Until next time, fellow Time Lords…


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  1. Whoops. Turns out it’s actually David Eccleston. I’m new to this Who thing.

  2. I just started watching this show (David Tennant version), and it is pretty good.

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