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viewerGather round Evil Geeks, C-Mart is back with some sweet, sweet comic reviewing for you in this hot off the presses Evil Geek Book Report!  The Indie Spotlight sits atop the Evil Lair in a state of Bat Signal-Like refined regality, ,ready to illuminate today’s selection brought to you by the creative team of writer Noah Dorsey and artist Zsombor Huszka.  You may remember my earlier review of Issue #1 of Saint Chaos, or if you’re a fan of our podcast, Transmissions From the Evil Lair, then you may remember our interview with Noah Dorsey in which we discuss his Crime Noir comic, Saint Chaos.  Today we’ll be delving into issue #2 of Saint Chaos, so get your ponchos and galoshes on because things are about to get bloody!

If you’re unfamiliar with the gritty story of Saint Chaos, it centers around Simon Monroe, a poor schmuck so down on his luck that he makes Charlie Brown look like the Happiest Man in Springfield.

No, no, no, not me friends. We're here to talk Simon Monroe today.

No, no, no, not me friends. We’re here to talk Simon Monroe today.

Faced with a reality in which his girlfriend cheated on/dumped him, he loses his coveted internship, and his mother ends up playing “Murder Victim #1” in a real life episode of Unsolved Mysteries, Simon turns to the one thing he knows will finally end his suffering: suicide.  Simon chooses to meet his death at the hands of the most reliable avenue of self-smiting; death by urban legend. Anyone who’s ever chanted Bloody Mary into a mirror at midnight knows that for the most part urban legends are just a steaming pile of horse shit.  Simon, who’s seemingly contracted a case of the rotten “Parker Luck” (Hmmmm… is Simon’s real name Skip Wescott?  If so then I think I know how he got it), unknowingly picks a legend that is technically true.  Instead of dying at the hands of a ghost like the legend says he would, Simon comes face to face with the real cause of the deaths surrounding the myth: a serial killer named Honeycomb, who’s been preying on these folks looking to end their life.  Honeycomb, a master of physical and emotional torture, vows to kill Simon, but not for another four agonizing days.  Simon decides that before he slips away from this world, he’d like to do a little bit of good and becomes a brutal vigilante.  Simon still wants to die, but in a strange way, through his decision to end it all he’s finally found a reason to live.


Issue 2 finds Simon embracing his renewed sense of limited time purpose, perhaps a little bit too much.  He’s devoted his remaining days to helping others like him, also looking to die.  He’s staked out the trash can in the park where the hopeless leave their request for death at the hands of the ghost in the urban legend, but instead of helping these people die, Simon is attacking the things in their lives causing them so much pain.  Simon isn’t doing this for the warm fuzzy feeling he gets from helping out the less fortunate, he’s doing it basically to screw with Honeycomb.  Simon figures that by diverting the psychopath’s supply of easy marks, he can ruffle Honeycomb’s feathers enough to get the killer to take him out sooner than planned.  While waiting in the park, Simon gets a call from the detective who’d been responsible for investigating his mother’s death.  The detective still thinks that Simon’s mom’s death was just a random homicide, but there’s a tiny shred of doubt deep down inside him.  Later on while following up on a message left behind in the suicide trash can, in a twist of Shyamalan-esque proportions Simon runs across a thug who says he’s seen Simon’s picture before in a house that he previouslyrobbed.  Could it be this thug has some info on the true cause of Simon’s mother’s death? If it is a lead to something bigger, does Simon have enough time to put the pieces together and solve the puzzle of his mother’s demise before Honeycomb shows up to collect the death that he’s owed?


With these new clues popping up, there’s a lot going on in the life of Simon Monroe at the moment.  As crazy as shit’s gotten for Simon though, there is always someone lurking in the background who’s shit is a BILLION times crazier than Simon’s will ever be: Honeycomb. The derranged killer that is, not the beloved breakfast cereal. Although, with its high sugar content and low nutritional value, I’m sure the cereal has left a trail of chubby, malnourished bodies in its wake. We learn a little bit more about the Flamboyant Flayer in this issue, including his willingness to prance around nearly nude in front of one of the mobsters he does some sidework for, in addition to his recreational killing.  Huszka’s art  in this issue ramps up Honeycomb’s creepiness, accenting his blood-red lips and piercing green eyes for maximum unease.  He’s preening and pompous to a fault, but when it comes down to it, he’s always the most dangerous man in the room, making him an entertaining villain to say the least.  There’s a fantastic scene at the end of the book featuring a face to face meeting between Simon and Honeycomb, where the killer absolutely steals the show.  I mean it’s really not that hard for him to be the center of attention in the scene, he is after all dressed like a cross between Mrs. Peacock from the boardgame Clue and a 1970’s era pimp.

Is that you Honeycomb???

Saint Chaos #2 keeps up the bloody intensity kicked off in Issue #1.  Honeycomb inhabits a world adorned with the discarded and dismembered remains of his victims, while Simon’s world is equally brutal but the two men couldn’t be more different. The art of the book strikes a balance between whimsy and utility, using silhouettes to convey the story in sections (mainly ones involving Simon), then allowing for artistic flourishes in others (mainly ones focusing on Honeycomb).  These two worlds are on a collision course (sadly, not with wackiness) and there’s no way for both of these men to come out unscathed once it’s done.  Will the evil that is Honeycomb triumph in the end? Or will Simon overcome his death wish to survive the experience of offering himself up to a remorseless killer?  There’s still two issues left to go, but one thing’s for sure: the body count will be climbing!  For more info on Saint Chaos check out the eR Studios website here. Thanks for checking in with us today! As always, your favorite Evil Geeks will stand ready to bring you reviews of all the newest books hitting the shelves!

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