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DC just wrapped up their Trinity War storyline that pitted the various Justice League teams against each other to bring us into their villains month and then the much anticipated Forever Evil event! Rather than being spoon-fed issue by issue I decided to gulp down the six issue storyline all in one go and was pretty much satisfied with the entire thing. There were some moments throughout the read that really stood out to me, but the best ones were in the final issue of the arc in Justice League #23 drawn by the amazing Ivan Reis! The story is cool because it starts off with justice Leagues vs. Justice Leagues, but then the teams begin to fracture and they mix up a little along the way. I’ve pulled a few panels for you to check out. Not gonna lie…they’re pretty awesome. Enjoy!!!

Can't we all just get along?

Can’t we all just get along?

You gotta love when superheroes “disagree” and go batshit crazy on one another, yet always have a moral code when it comes to bad dudes like Lex Luthor! 🙂

Love "Trinity"

Love “Trinity”

We all know that Supes and Wondie are getting it on in the New 52, but it looks like he’s been watching some old Justice League unlimited cartoons and the pent-up aggression has finally gotten to him!

Captions do not give this panel justice...

Captions do not give this panel justice…

Seriously, I felt bad for Cyborg in this panel, I really did. In fact I read this on my iPad so having the ability to pinch and zoom to watch Victor Stone being dismantled like this was insane. Reis captured pure agony in these panels!

So thats not even the best part of the story, but I wont spoil it all for you. I’ll say this, I’ve highlighted Reis’ work before, but he has consistently delivered high quality artwork on a monthly basis since back when he was on Green Lantern, so I’m psyched that he’s the guy who draws the flagship book for the comic line. If you haven’t checked out Trinity War yet then I’d recommend to go visit your local comic shop or download them from DC’s store so your all set for Forever Evil later this month!

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