What’s Hanging Around The Evil Lair: Boston Comic Con Edition


Hey there Evil Geekites, it’s been a month since the Boston Comic Con (Check out our cosplay pics here and here), but that doesn’t mean that we don’t still think about that con. In fact, I managed to bring home a few sweet pieces of artwork as souvenirs from the show. I mamged to score a some signed prints from artist Jim Califore and from Spider-Man legend Mark Bagley! Let’s take a closer look at some art, shall we?!?!


First up are the prints that I got from Jim Califore. Califore is known for doing these Jackson Pollock-esque headshots of superheroes and villains. I’ve always really dug the look of the prints, but I’ve just never had the opportunity to pick one up. Come to think of it, with thier size and general appeal, their kind of like Lay’s potato chips: you can’t eat just one. It’s tempting to pick up several of the profiles and throw them together in the same frame to create an Avengers or Justice League themed collage. With the diverse variety of available characters you could even throw together almost any super team you can think of. Be the envy of at least one or two comic nerds with your very own New Fantastic Four collage! While I didn’t quite go that crazy, I did manage to pick up two complimenting pieces that I’d like to juxtapose in the same frame. Check out this sweet Spidey and Green Goblin combo I picked up!


I debated on whether or not to get the black suit Spidey which also looked really cool, but I figured since I was also getting the Goblin, it’s almost required that I get the original Spidey to go with it.

In keeping with the Spidey motif, I also picked up some artwork from none other than Mark Bagley, the absolute go-to guy when it comes to Spider-Man artwork. Mark has been drawing the web-head longer than anyone else in history, so if you’re a fan, then a piece of Bagley art is like the Holy Grail of your collection. I picked up this print and had him sign it to the Evil Geeks in hopes of hanging over the Evil Lair’s podcasting table!


That’s my art haul from Boston. A little light yes, but with the New York Comic Con coming up, I figured I’d save my big buying spree for that show. Come back soon to check out our latest art acquisitions and see what else will be hanging around the Evil Lair in the future!

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