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There are certain things in life that everyone should know in order to enjoy it to the fullest. Rather than provide you with some philosophical guidelines here that I am sure many could debate I will leave you with some simple truths I have found:

  1. Barbecue sauce makes anything taste better.
  2. A well paired glass of wine can enhance every meal.
  3. If feeling unproductive, this website is the perfect way to keep that going and say “Damn the man” to your boss while enjoying your evil geek fix during work.
  4. Chocolate can make any bad day seem more tolerable.

And lastly:

5. Dinosaurs can make anything more entertaining.

So this week I want to share with you a more recent retired TV show that with its plethora of dinosaurs is just impossible not to love.


Terra Nova was sadly only a one season show, but the best word to describe that action packed season is fun. A classic sci-fi story, the series is originally set in the suture, around 2050, when overpopulation and global warming have led to a massive deterioration in air quality and general lack of resource availability. Similar to China’s one child policy, the entire population has a 2-child policy, so that you can only produce the same amount of children as those that will be replacing you. But a new hope is discovered when scientists find a tear in the space-time-continuum allowing them to send small groups of pilgrims back in time to a parallel universe, conveniently at the same age of the dinosaurs, to colonize and prosper.


We follow one family’s quest to get there. Jim Shannon, a cop, has been in jail for the last several years as his physician wife Elisabeth and he broke the law and had a third child, only being able to successfully hide her for the first couple years of her life. The couple and their three children Maddy, Josh, and Zoe get a second chance in this other life, even if Jim has to break some more laws to get there.

After a brief initial adjustment to the native flora and the fact that they can breathe in fresh air without a face mask, the family quickly becomes important players in the new settlement known as Terra Nova.


Commander Taylor is the head of the colony, and although Jim broke some laws to accompany his family to this new world, Taylor realizes he is a great ally and enrolls him in a sheriff-like position. And throughout the rest of the season we follow this group of crusaders as they practice basic survival techniques when caught in the woods with dinosaurs, deal with new diseases that have never been seen before, and also battle a faction of defected colonists known as “sixers” since they came over on the sixth pilgrimage. All the characters do a great job filling their respective roles, but I will say Commander Taylor is a bit of a repeat, though a better version of himself before.


Steven Lang plays the fearless leader, and as you can see from the picture he played an almost identical role in Avator, though you will be pleased to hear that he has many more redeeming qualities in Terra Nova. 

Some of this might seem a bit confusing to you, but I will comment that the show’s writers did think to cover some of the logistics for this time travel scenario that those of us sci-fi geeks would have wanted covered. For instance, if they are going back in time to the dinosaur age aren’t they going to screw up the whole space-time continuum and change the future? Well, luckily the scientists who found the time portal sent back a large probe resistant to desiccation to a specific location on the earth, and then watched and waited for any evidence of the probe at that same location and surrounding area for years. When none showed up they made the conclusion that this portal not only went back in time but to a parallel universe as well, ensuring that those humans traveling there to colonize it would only change the parallel universe and not the human world they were coming from.

Even though you can only enjoy this show on blu-ray for one season, it is worth the watch. Episodes will make you smile, shocked, and excited. And as I said, anything with dinosaurs is just more entertaining.


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