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Ep 045 – Evil Geeks Disassembled: School’s Out – Full Disclosure, If Superheroes Were Real


Kick off your week with not just a new podcast, but a new show! School’s Out is the brain child of frequent Evil Geek collaborator, Professor Next where we’ll be taking a look at a lot of classic nerd and geekology but through the lens of reality.  Our first episode focuses on what would happen if superheroes were actually real.

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The Comic Con Cosplay Drinking Game

Greetings Evil Geekdom!  As we get geared up for the 2013 NY Comic Con, we’re bringing you all kinds of helpful tips that we’ve accumulated over years and years of con attendance.  This spot originally ran last year ahead of the 2012 NYCC, but the information is still relevant (although I think it may be time to overhaul the costumes uses in this game), so we’re bringing it back to you.  See you guys in New York!!!

The King spots a slave Leia and decrees his subjects must imbibe 5 sips

The King spots a slave Leia and decrees his subjects must imbibe 5 sips

Hey now, Evil Geeks!  If you want to check out a panel or maybe get an autograph from a special guest, it’s inevitable that you’re going to be spending some time waiting in a line which can get a little boring after a while.  While waiting in line before the Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes “Jay & Silent Bob Get Old” podcast last year, we members of the Brotherhood came up with a great idea to kill some time while waiting in line:  The Comic Con Cosplay Drinking Game!  Of course, gameplay doesn’t have to be limited to line waiting situations, you can play anywhere in the con at any time. Disclaimer:  I’m pretty sure the people running the show at the Javitz would frown upon we fine upstanding citizens, imbibing in demon juice during the con, so be sure to keep it on the down-low.  Also, remember to drink responsibly, because with great alcoholic power, comes even greater gin-fueled responsibility.  I really can’t stress the importance of responsibility when you’re getting mind-numbingly smashed.

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Your Weekend Creature Comforts From the Planet Hoth


Despite the astronomical costs and times it seems to take for movie companies to produce a film these days, as well as the slightly shoddy acting we are all forced to deal with from time to time, overall Hollywood has perfected the epic. Of course, sometimes it can be a little frustrating bordering on downright head-splitting when they try to divide a novel or series of novels you love in to as many movies as possible (I mean, waiting over 3 years to see a trilogy of 3+ hour long epics to make up The Hobbit is going to be amazing, but a tad excessive). So when people ask me what your favorite movie is, it might be a bit hard to reply since there are so many phenomenal options to choose from. Ask me that question and initially I might waver and discuss any number of films for their various merits, but ask me it seriously and you will get one answer, which in my mind encompasses 3 movies: Star Wars. Obviously not all 6, or how ever many there will be after Disney gets through with it, but the original 3, episodes 4, 5, and 6.

Afterall, I have been watching these films since I was 2 years old, and aside from the story and the characters getting me hooked, I was also infatuated with the creatures. Each movie has several to appreciate, and species like wookies and whatever the hell Yoda is make appearances in multiple movies. So lucky for you all, I have decided to describe many a creatures in coming posts, as well as today’s weekend edition. What better way to enjoy your weekend then to read up on the monsters that inhabit Hoth, so you can go watch the movie with dinner?

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2013 New York Comic Con Survival Guide – Part II


Thanks for coming back. Today is part 2 of my New York Comic Con Survival Guide. Again, this post is just meant to help you plan some things out so you enjoy your experience in a mere 13 days… OK, here goes!

3G or 4G? More like NO G!
Guess what happens when 50,000 of your closest friends all get together in one big ass room and start tweeting, text messaging, calling people, and checking email? Data speeds crawwwwwwwwllllllllll! This fact will not limit people using their phones and various electronic devices. If you’re with some friends and you plan to separate then you might want to establish some ground rules like “let’s all meet under the giant Optimus Prime at noon!” The reality is that you will send messages to each other but they won’t make it in a timely fashion. You will get the text but by the time that you read it, Nathan Fillion is already gone and you won’t get to grill him about possibly being an avenger (inside nerd talk, if you don’t know what I’m talking about, look it up!) Also, it is really big and loud at comic con and there are shiny objects everywhere, you might not even realize that 10 texts just came in via the airwaves. Wifi is also interesting, it’s not free throughout the center. Basically you pay $5/hr or you can get a daily or weekend rate. This is typical with most conventions so I kinda expect it, but they will have a free wifi hotspot in artist alley this year but it will also probably be slow because thousands of people will be connecting. If your phone has wifi in it, I’d recommend to turn it off until you need it so it doesn’t search all day and drain battery life, Bluetooth too!

While the rest of The Brotherhood were waiting under the Giant Optimus Prime statue, our noob was following this poor cosplayer around all day long saying “But we were supposed to meet here!”
The Brotherhood apologizes young Optimus.

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Villain Spotlight: Teenagers

And now…..time for something completely different. Happy end of the week to all of you out there. Aaaah Fridays, the last bastion of the professional adult. Every day that leads to the end of this day is like a battle of wills with a gigantic dick monster that wants nothing more than to fuck you, and all you want is to be left alone to do whatever it is you want to do. Such is life in this world, but Fridays also bring you something else besides a brief respite, and that is the Villain Spotlight. In keeping up with the current Halloween theme, today I am going to give you all somewhat of a reverse article, but still filled with pure villainy. When you think about Horror movies, you automatically think the killer is the villain, but we tend to forget that most of the time the killer has some kind of motive. Maybe he was left to drown while some people went out back to bang? Maybe they were burned alive because of a slight misunderstanding……no that one was legit. But still, the recurring theme in most Horror movies is that teenagers are fucking idiots, and they all deserve to die in some fashion. Fucking teenagers.

texas chainsaw teens

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TV From The Crypts: Futurama

We in the Brotherhood of Evil Geeks all have our specialties and areas of interest even if there might be a lot of overlap. If you have not read the superbly stunning story of our origins, you need to go check it out here and maybe you’ll understand us as individuals a little bit better. Being someone who works 24/7 to keep nature’s balance of life and death in harmony, I can’t schedule a slot to catch the latest Falling Skies or Game of Thrones episodes during its regularly scheduled showing on TV, but I manage to keep myself entertained and to keep all of you tremendous followers educated about the best retired TV shows out there. The advantages to watching retired shows also means no commercials, you can pause for bathroom breaks and to refill your glass of wine, and you can watch as many episodes as you want in a row, so rather than pine and stress over who’s going to kill who in Game of Thrones next for an entire painfully long week, or who’s going to sleep with who in True Blood for 7 agonizing days, you can jump right ahead and watch the whole season in a day or two.


Naturally being the queen of retired TV shows among many other things, I get excited to claim newly finished shows as “mine” as I twist my hands together and let out my evil Muahahahaha laugh. I was able to do that this month with another phenomenally funny and science-fiction fantastic show: Futurama.


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