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Welcome back all of my little exterminators to another edition of your favorite weekly dose of the vile and cruel, and this week is nothing short of amazing. I normally choose which villains to spotlight just about the day before I actually write the column. This one however, has been in the background of my mind for quite a while, and I was thinking of saving it until a more appropriate time. A time that coincides with a certain November extravaganza that I am impatiently waiting for….but I couldn’t wait any longer. I just felt like today was the right day for this, and it will also give you all more than enough time to check it out before the big day later this year. Ladies and gentlemen, it brings me great pleasure to bring you guys the glory that is ……. The Daleks!


When I first started watching Doctor Who, I honestly thought the same thing that most people were thinking…..really? This is what so many people are obsessed with? I mean it was entertaining and all, but I think at that point I just didn’t fully understand what was going on in front of me. The monsters so far were somewhat cheesy, but not too bad. Unlike most people, I was actually a fan of the Nesteen and plastic murder dolls, but most people found it to be rather lacking in the menace department. Apparently those people have never been in a department store when all the lights are off. EEffffff that. The show itself, like I have mentioned before, didn’t really pick up for me until the episode titled “Dalek”. I had heard of the Daleks before, but I had never actually seen one in action as I was still new to the series. Oh…..God. What a fantastic episode. Like for reals. An obsession was made in me specifically when this episode was blowing through my brain and burning itself into my subconscious to forever instill a feeling of perverse love and affection for these murderous salt and pepper shakers. Was it the voice? Was it the sheer amount of malevolence that was being exuded by these metallic monsters? I couldn’t be sure (It’s the voice), but I knew that I needed more of them. So I did what any sane person would do, and completely cut off the rest of the general population and began my search to compile all the info I could possibly find on them. Little did I know that they were the Doctor’s greatest enemy and had been around for years and years. Now, if you have read my previous Doctor Who post, you will know that I started with the 2005 series, as I was not old enough to appreciate the older episodes, and also I was not aware of the show until about 2006 or so, and didn’t start watching until 2008. So I had a lot of research ahead of me, and nothing but drive and emotion guiding me there.

My research concluded over a candlelit reading session in my basement, after a blood sacrifice to the gods of knowledge, and they provided me with what could possibly be one of the most menacing races in all of the media universe. Such unbridled hatred and malice could not and should not be able to fit into such a body, but it does, and it does so with masterful quality. I had an entire internet’s worth of knowledge of them, and I still couldn’t get enough. I wasn’t sure what the true appeal of them was, but the elegance and absoluteness of their hatred and planning was just so endearing to me, because they simply refused to deviate from that plan. Some villains tend to change tactics and plans, but the Daleks do not, and most likely will not, barring a slight alteration of the formula in the Daleks Take Manhattan, but it still had the same end goal; The extermination of all living beings who are not Daleks. Oh and if you haven’t noticed yet, I am not going to go too far into back story or things that they have done, because there is simply too much, but I will let you know my feelings on them and why they are the perfect villains. That out of the way, let’s continue.

To me, a villain going about a similar plan almost every time is the definition of insanity, but it just works so well for them. Not in terms of success rate, because we all know the Doctor can’t let that stuff happen, but more in terms of staying so menacing and fearful even when they lose so frequently. It’s just a testament to their ability to have staying power in the Doctor Who universe when he encounters so many enemies and murderous races. I mean think about it… the entire universe, there are so many planets and places to visit that you are bound to meet new creeps everywhere you go, but these guys just simply won’t stay down, and keep coming back from the brink of extinction so many times. Survival, cunning, tenacity and the need to win and conquer drives them to keep going and keep coming back regardless of what happens to them. It’s borderline horrifying. Just watch the invasion episode, I won’t say the title, and just witness the look of horror on everyone’s face when the Daleks come through the speakers. Everyone knows that they are going to die, and there is almost nothing they can do about it, save calling the Doctor. I mean how many species and races in Doctor Who command that kind of respect, hell even expand that beyond Doctor Who and the point still remains valid. It has gone so far as to even infect real life, and when things get hairy, certain people have been known to acquire the moniker of Dalek-esque. To be honest, that wouldn’t be such a bad title to have…and I would wear it with pride.

The Daleks never cease to amaze me, and I continue to want to keep watching them whenever I can. I know a lot of people get upset that they keep coming back, but I am not one of them. I love it. every time they grace my screen, I am in heaven for the most part. I just love all of the Dalek stories, and really enjoyed the interaction between them and the Doctor in Asylum of the Daleks. How awesome is it when your oldest and worst enemy begs you for help? It was not something I was expecting, and it made me so ecstatic to see it in action. If you haven’t seen that episode yet, go do it now. There is a line uttered by the Doctor in that episode that literally sent chills throughout my whole body, and for the sake of all those who haven’t seen it yet, look away for just a minute. This right here is quite possible just as good as the whole Hello Stonehenge speech. “I thought you had run out of ways to make me sick….but hello again…” Does that not just make you giggle like a fanboy/girl? The Doctor gets mad, but he doesn’t normally get disgusted like that. It just goes to show how much they both hate each other, and the animosity between them is palpable. I love it. Also listen to Amy’s speech in that episode as well. What do you think the Doctor would do if he was surrounded by an armada of Daleks? She explains it to you in perfect and beautiful detail. It’s simply magnificent to watch.

Now to be honest with you guys, I was planning on this being a one off thing, but I simply can’t leave it like that. This is what you get for now, but it is only to whet your appetite. The day is drawing closer to the 50th anniversary, and you better believe the geeks and I will be fawning over it and making sure we are here to give you guys what you need…..glorious information. I plan on dedicating a large part of November to the Doctor, and I will dedicate it to you all as well. Until then, you are going to have to do with just a taste of the glory that is the Daleks. Better believe it won’t be the last though, we have 50 years worth of stories to talk about my Whovians. Until then, we must wait patiently… best as we can. EXTERMINATE!!!!!!

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  1. you are the doctor, youwill be exterminated

  2. “We’re not the same! I’m not the… No, wait, maybe we are… Yeah, right, yeah, okay. You’ve got a point ’cause I know what to do. I know what should happen. I know what you deserve. Exterminate!”

    – 9th Doctor

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