Let Me Put My Suggestions In You: The Trailer Park Boys

Warning: Heavy profanity to follow. If you are weak of heart or just don’t like swearing in general, you may want to steer clear of this one. Just letting you all know. ENJOY!

Oh my fuck do I have something special for you guys today. I was sitting around over the weekend debating on what to provide you guys for this week’s suggestions,  and was having quite a bit of difficulty. Not in the material department, but more in choosing which one would be best for you all. I racked my brain and tried to sit down and write something, but the words just weren’t coming. A long string of obscenities seemed to be the only thing that my brain was capable of producing at the time……and then it hit me. Fuck…..shit…..bitch…..Ricky….Julian….Bubbles…..I know what I must do (and those words are not respective towards each person). Ladies and gentlemen, for your pleasure and the pleasure of all of your girlfriends, I am proud to bring you the Trailer Park Boys.

Now for those who have not gotten a chance to check them out, the Trailer Park Boys are literally the best thing to come out of Canada besides Terry and Deaner of FUBAR fame, and are three of the most fucked up and enjoyable people you may ever meet. I’m talking like my whole summer and better part of the last 3 years enjoyable. I can’t tell you how many times I have watched each episode, and still fucking laugh every time. It’s the simplicity and creativeness of the show that really makes it a standout piece and draws you in. I mean I know some people who have wound up hating the show, mainly because they think it may be slightly juvenile or just not to their taste, but hear me out… You’re fucking wrong. The Boys can definitely come across as slightly juvenile, but that’s only on the surface. At the core of the show is a group of friends, who even though they are not the brightest of bulbs, try to provide for themselves and their families….Ricky especially, and Bubbles who really only wants money to feed his cats….as there are a fuckton of them. Whenever I try to describe the show to anyone, the first thing that comes to mind is this: Imagine if you were going to rob a bank or a gas station or anything of the like, and you needed a good plan….well a normal person’s worst plan almost always winds up being their best plan, and bullshit hilarity ensues.

The show stars Ricky, Julian and Bubbles as three bumbling friends/idiots who love to get drunk, smoke dope, and pretty much do whatever the fuck they want. It’s basically the American dream that we all hope and pray for.  Always attempting to come up with some sort of plan or scheme to try and get rich quick, the boys get themselves involved in the most ridiculous of situations, sometimes involving mountain lions (Steve French!!) and other times evil little hand puppets (Motherfucking Conky!) You literally have never seen this show before, and it makes it so fresh. The trailer park itself is close enough to being a living, breathing character as you can literally not imagine the sort of antics they get involved in happening in any other environment. It would just be too absurd anywhere else, but in the park it’s just business as usual. The park is filled with many characters who either help or hinder the boys in some way or another. Between Randy and Lahey, the drunken villains of the show who I wrote a spotlight on a while ago, which you can check out on this site, and just random yellers like Danny (10 fucking dollars!!! A month!!!) , it doesn’t feel as if the setting is just a setting. It feels as if the park has a life of its own, and the people who live there are just other characters. I love it so much. You fall in love with the characters and the situations they get themselves involved in, and honestly have a hard time breaking up with them after each episode is over. You would most likely never expect to actually like or enjoy these characters, as most of them are just complete and utter assholes, but you do, and it just goes to show that it has an allure that is beyond just simple viewing. I mean I love watching shows like the boys and others, but the difference is most other things I can mentally turn off after I am done watching them, but this one sticks with you and has you quoting lines in general conversation more than you would expect, especially the Ricky-isms.

Ricky-isms are really just general sayings, but the fact that Ricky is borderline illiterate and an idiot (lovable of course) makes them so much better. Supply and demand becomes supply and command for Ricky, what goes around is all around, get two birds stoned at once…you get my point. It’s a mash up of two flavors to form a delicious concoction of sheer fuckery and hysterical tastiness. You have almost no choice sometimes but to put things into Ricky terms, and you honestly would not have it any other way. Julian, for being the brains of almost all the operations, is somewhat dumb himself, but in a more helpful fashion. He isn’t the smartest tool, but he is trying. He always wants to try and better himself, but it doesn’t always work out to his favor. He tries to go to school, but Ricky blocks that. They break into a school and Julian is amazed at the amount of books in the school storeroom….even though they are all the same exact text book…..indeed. Ricky also blocks that before getting into a gunfight with an automatic flushing urinal because he thought the Winds of Shit were following him as predicted by Lahey. Julian knows that Ricky tends to drag him down sometimes, but they are friends and help each other so he has a certain love for Ricky that most other people don’t seem to have. Ricky’s abrasive manner tends to turn most people off, but Julian understands it better than anyone (besides Lahey) and knows that under it all Ricky is a good guy who just wants to take care of his family and provide them with more than he ever had growing up. Bubbles, as Ray (Ricky’s dad) puts is literally the smartest guy in the whole trailer park, which after taking a look at him, seems somewhat hard to believe, although it is completely true. Bubbles is the voice of reason in the park, and tends to get upset a lot easier than most of the other guys, but is not above defending himself with blindingly fast nunchuck attacks. Concerning himself with taking care of his cats, Bubbles involves himself in the shenanigans just for the money to feed those free range kitties. He loves them more than I have ever loved anything in my life. Bubbles proved to be one of the stand out characters as he lives in a shed and loves kitties. He’s like Bj and the Bear without the disgusting monkey.

The boys have been around for a while, and sadly a few years ago the show ended, but not completely. Movies and stage shows, board games and magazines, the boys have become insanely popular after the show ended, and it caused an uproar. I was lucky enough to attend one of the live shows at the Egg in Albany NY, and it was absolutely amazing. I wasn’t sure how they would actually translate the show to a live setting, but they did it with flying colors, and through audience participation plus on point banter between the boys, it was a fucking side show of amazingness. I was completely entertained and blown away at the sheer ability of the boys to have the crowd eating out of their fucking hands. It was insane. Just the look on their faces when they took the stage showed you how amazed they were and taken aback by the response they were receiving. It was as if they didn’t even expect people to show up let alone sell the whole place out. People dressed as Lahey and the rest of the cast made it even better. The passion that fans of the show exude is beyond amazing, and it keeps things that are supposedly dead, alive longer as most people were not ready to let the boys go after the show was over. It’s a testament to the work that they did and lasting impression the show left with people. I know shows like Breaking Bad and things of that sort all have their big followings, but you can’t imagine seeing Breaking Bad as a stage show and actually have it be as good as the source material.

The best part about the amount of press that they have been getting over the past few years, is that now they can afford to do things that they never would have been able to do years ago, and have set up SwearNet and SwearNet USA which is all about the boys and their exploits. It also has given them the ability to bring the show back as well as film another movie. The next year or so should bring us back to Sunnyvale Trailer Park and get a chance to catch up with some of our old friends and fuckjobs. Which is very exciting for me because I can’t fucking wait. Rob Wells (Ricky), Jean-Paul Tremblay (Julian), and Mike Smith (Bubbles) have literally created something that could possibly stand the test of time, and will forever be a part of fan’s hearts. Shit…sometimes we all need to keep the things we love Closer to the Heart. Here’s to my boys Ricky, Julian and Bubbles…this next joint is for you.

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  1. Yo trailer park boys you should make a rolling bordello camper that would be sick.

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