Evil Geek Book Report – Daredevil: End of Days……Or is It?


Alright guys, time for something completely out of my normal territory, but still just as awesome. I normally don’t do too may comic reviews, but for some reason, I have been obsessed with Daredevil: End of Days recently. Like to the point of constantly bombarding the other geeks with texts regarding and stating MAPONE!! Keep reading, and you’ll find out what Mapone is, but not all the way. So let’s get to this sumbitch right here, and lay down some good old fashioned judgment on something I love. Also, take some time out of your day to read some stuff from our newest poster Lillith. I have given her some duties in my departments, and she has been a machine as of late. I know you all love my posts, but don’t worry, I’ll be back to those very soon, and we have some sweet, sweet new stuff in the pipeline for you guys. Let’s just say that more than just villains exists, and there are things prowling the night that are not human, and come from your nightmares. That’s all I’ll say. For now though, let’s dive into the splendor that is Daredevil: End of Days.

Now you guys must know by now that Biff, Martian and myself are Daredevil fans, and we mean business when it comes to the Scarlet Warrior, but I went into this one not knowing anything about the story itself. I picked up the first issue on a geek mission to the Secret Stash in Jersey, and all I have to say is this….HOLY SHIT…what a first fucking issue. I’ll preface by saying this; this is a Daredevil story, but he is rarely seen as he (GASP) dies in the first issue during a battle with Bullseye. You kind of see Daredevil acting all whacked out and stressed out, to the point where he starts berating and fighting villains in the street in such savage fashion, and it is awesome. The events that transpire are borderline crazy, because it is definitely not very Murdock-Like, which begs the question, what happened to make him so vicious? I won’t spoil it for you, but shit goes down, and it goes down hard. The main attraction to this story is the hunt for clues as to what happened by one Ben Urich, the resident journalist of the Bugle and a longtime Marvel character. Ben is tired…so so tired, but he is not the giving up type. Going across old haunts and places of importance to DD, he gets right into the thick of things on orders from J.J.J. and meets some familiar faces in the process. Old foes, old flames and old crazy people round up the list of suspects and possible holders of info. The thing is though, I don’t want to give you guys too much as all of these are so awesome , that it would be a travesty if I gave away some of the guest spots. You get to see how they react and how they treat Urich when he questions them. It’s definitely a sight to see and I was excited when someone from DD’s past makes an appearance. It’s funny because he’s not too popular or all that intimidating, but he is a huge fucking dick, and it’s funny to see him in that light, mainly because I never had before.

The bulk of the story involves Urich looking to find clues regarding DD’s last word, which is Mapone. What is Mapone? Is it an item? A person? An animal? We don’t know, but it must have been important enough for it to be his last words. The search goes in full when Urich finds a lead, and shit gets real crazy. I’m talking people buying sex dolls and DD masks, and pretty much cosplaying their way into Reddit territory. Urich meets those familiar faces, and one has me laughing my ass off. I’ll give you one, just to whet your appetite. He meets the Punisher in a prison, and learns that he isn’t there to be a prisoner, even though he’s locked up, but just the notion that he is there makes most of the prisoners behave themselves. That’s so badass. I really enjoyed the interactions between Urich and those characters, mainly because not every hero is nice in real life. Some of them tend to be dicks, or damaged goods who are just trying to lead the rest of their lives in a peaceful fashion. The fact that Urich is questioning them doesn’t sit too well with a lot of people. They obviously get upset but at the same time respect Matt Murdock enough to help Urich out, even if it’s not really all that helpful in terms of info. Such is the respect that Murdock commands. Each issue focuses on one character that Urich is looking for to question, so you get to see quite a few people in this 8 issue series. They just released a trade copy as well so if you don’t want to hunt down all the single issues like I did, you can just grab that convenient copy to enjoy at your leisure. I was really looking forward to getting the last issue, so much so that I forgot to order the one before it. So there I was, with 8 in my hand, and missing 7. You can only imagine how pissed I was when I realized I didn’t have #7. The Harkness abode was rife with screaming and belligerence that day kids.


There are a few parts that I really want to talk about with you guys, but I just can’t because all in all, this mini is a mystery/thriller, and giving any info away will ruin the surprise. All I can say on certain topics, is that you will enjoy it and really get into the story. I really liked the art style as well, as done by Klaus Janson, ink by Bill Sienkiewicz and covers by Alex Maleev. It’s really gritty and almost jarring to look at because it’s not all straight lines and sharp images. It’s dark, its dirty and I love it. The author, the wonderful Brian Michael Bendis, really had a sharp team with him on this book and it gave them all time to shine. I really wish I could make this review go on forever, but I can’t, mainly because you all should be out there reading this book right now. Your boy Arthur is going to give this series 4 buckets of blood out of 5, mainly because I thought the ending could have been slightly better, but it was still satisfying.


When Arthur told me he was writing a review for End Of Days, I felt like I needed to jump in. I literally finished reading it a few days ago and I was very pleased with what transpired. The miniseries itself is basically a Daredevil dream team of creators (with a few notable exceptions) having Klaus Janson’s art with Sienkiewciz and David Mack illustrating certain sections (flashbacks) is really fantastic. It’s great to see Bendis back in the saddle on this character again and the End OF Days series serves as a coda for his run on Matt Murdock. It focuses on the future of the character based on the events of his writing, he ignores all the Brubaker, Diggle and Waid stuff that came after. Which if you’ve read the Bendis stuff it just makes this series that much more rewarding. The story is basically in the format of Citizen Kane just with Daredevil and Ben Urich, but with that creative team I ask you how could you go wrong?


If you’re a DD fan definitely pick this up without hesitation.

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