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So if you’ve followed us for any period of time then I hope you have picked up on my fondness of DC Comics in general but especially their animated stuff. Simply put, it is superb and honestly those folks should really have the reigns at the live action department and then we may not have ended up with an Affleck, 🙂 I kid, I kid!
Anywho, if you watch the DC Nation block of cartoons on the Cartoon Network you may be familiar with the shorts that they throw out for us while on commercial break, but there are a ton of people out there who aren’t familiar at all with what these folks are doing. To describe these shorts in one word… Daring! Seriously, in two minutes or less they are showing you a story of an acclaimed character (or characters,) that is usually been turned on it’s head. Today I wanted to show you three serialized installments of Wonder Woman!

Wondie can sometimes be a hard character to get your head around, but man they do the lady justice. The animation here has a GTA feel to it, and along with Diana we get iconic characters like Giganta and Steve. There are three of these shorts out there, so check ’em out…

If you like these then make sure that you check out all the awesomeness that DC is putting out on it’s YouTube channel by clicking here!

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