Premature Transmissions: Podcast Preview Theater

This-Way-Lies-Mayhem-cover-smallHappy Friday Evil Geeks!  Normally we keep our podcast subjects pretty tight lipped; preferring instead to let the wave of awe and wonder sweep over you as the grand unveiling takes place every Monday at 8am.  This week though we’re giving you a little teaser ahead of time, just to get you through the weekend until we unspool another 60-120 minutes of pure aural magic. 

Earlier this week Biff, C-Mart, and Martian Luthor Kang were joined in the Evil Lair by author Ewan McGee.  Ewan has a new book coming out soon, This Way Lies Mayhem, for which he has a crowd sourcing campaign kicking off on August 19th; the same day our podcast interview with Ewan will be released and boy what an interview it was!  The book deals with a dystopian future in which privacy is no longer a right,  Well…not the we have a whole lot of privacy now, but trust me, it could get way worse and Ewan’s book will show us exactly that.

So in order to get you pumped for our next show, please enjoy the teaser videos embedded in this article, all of which Ewan has shared with us.  Be sure to stop by Ewan’s website  for more info on his book This Way Lies Mayhem. If you have a few buck to spare, then you should definitely kick into to his fundraising campaign, tell ’em the Brotherhood of Evil Geeks sent ya’!  Lastly, be sure to take a listen to the newest episode of Transmissions From the Evil Lair when it hits on Monday morning to hear our chat with Ewan.  Thanks for listening Evil Geeks!

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