Evil Geek Book Report – Infinity #1

It’s that time of year again… Marvel is launching their next big event!  Ever since the success of House of M and the even greater success of Civil War, the House of ideas has, to varying degrees of success, launched a line-wide event each year.  And while they can’t all be smash-hits (I’m looking at you, Shadowland and Chaos War) they all at least start off big and shake things up a bit in the year following. Howver, since House of M all of the major events have more or less been one grand continuing story… and don’t get too excited, I’m not implying that they’re a glorious epic with a magnificent scope. I’m just saying that they don’t actually end… they trickle off into “Aftermath” series, which eventually lead back into the next year’s event. It appears, however, that with Bendis off of the Avengers books, that’s come to an end.

Infinity 1 Cover

Now, while I won’t even pretend that Thanos’ renewed presence in the Marvel Universe is unrelated to the teaser at the end of Marvel Studio’s The Avengers, I also won’t complain about it.  Thanos is the kind of villain these events should focus on, he’s an incredibly powerful being who derives pleasure from death.  He’s all villain, this guy, and that’s a good thing!  Nearly all of the events that of the last 10 years have been about finding away for the heroes to fight one another. House of M used the alternate reality angle where heroes were villains, Civil War pitted them against one another over the Superhero Registration Act, World War Hulk sent loads of heroes against the Jade Giant, Secret Invasion had Skrulls masquerading as heroes, Siege pitted two Avengers teams against one another, Schism pitted X-Men against X-Men, and Avengers vs X-Men… well, that one should be obvious.  So, to me it’s a relief to see the Avengers actually fighting a threat outside their circle of friends. Add that to the fact Jonathan Hickman has been sowing the seeds of this event as far back as his must-read run on Fantastic Four and FF and this event had me genuinely excited.  I’ve been a huge fan of both Avengers and New Avengers since they were launched as part of Marvel Now, and there have been some hints of what was to come in this storyline, so I had very high expectations.

And I have to say, I was not at all let down.  Hickman has the chops to provide the necessary scope for a successful crossover. As much as I enjoy Bendis’ work, it shouldn’t be set around a table. The first issue of this series is jam-packed with action scenes and conversations that both progress the story AND develop the characters involved.  Anyone who has been up to date with New Avengers would be a little touched by the first page alone, wherein T’Challa pauses to reflect on everything that he and the Illuminati have done in recent days to save their own universe.


And then in a wave of Kirby crackle, the deed is done.


Then the story proper gets moving along.  I don’t want to reveal the actual event of this book, I actually think it’s a great read and I recommend people drop the $4.99 and give it a go.  And that’s saying something!  $5 isn’t a terribly reasonable price for a comic book, but this one is gorgeous, clever, and the start of something big. Hickman is tying together all of the fascinating threads he’s been dropping in his two Avengers ongoing series. It’s starting to seem as if all of the odd choices he’s made in terms of his roster and the bizarre additions he’s brought into the fold are very much part of a master plan. I’m not surprised, Hickman did this masterfully in his own little corner of the Marvel Universe with his work on the Fantastic Four books. So, no. I’m not surprised, but I am very interested.

I mean, this guy makes Spaceknights cool!


And Jimmy Cheung is at the top of his game here.  He drew this glorious kind of space opera back on the New Avengers Illuminati mini-series, and I’ve been dying to see more ever since. Hickman and Cheung do what I never though was possible, they make me want to run out an immediately buy an Inhumans series… but only if it were done by them.

There’s one twist, however minor, that’s just too good not to mention.

So, as you might suspect, the threat of  world destruction gets the Avengers’ communal panties in a bunch and they ready the Quinjets to go kick some alien ass.  However, in a brilliant turn, Thanos and company were all the while just preparing the Earth for a full-on assault by lowering the planet’s defenses.

she has no avengers

Seriously, pick this book up.  The Marvel crossover event is back, in a big way.  I’m actually excited to read the tie-ins!


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