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Welcome back my lovely citizens to another round of things that should be going inside of you….my movie reviews! Now guys and girls, you all know that Arthur prefers to spend his time indoors rather than in the presence of that hated sphere of light, but I covered my milky white skin with just enough sack cloth to get out of the house for a couple hours. I consider going to the movies “going out” because it is outside of my house, and not the same room. On a technicality, I am correct and I win. I got my popcorn, drink, and ticket, and sat down next to my lady friend in anticipation for the movie to start. I leaned over, and asked,” What movie is this?” to which I got the proper response of an elbow to the ribs. I can’t turn it off people. Luckily, it was something I wanted to see. Elysium is the follow up, but not a sequel to District 9, and if you haven’t seen that movie, you need to now. There is a freaking lightning gun in that movie, and I want it so bad. Elysium however shares similar tones, but is a completely different story. How you ask? Well, I’m going to tell you.

Elysium stars Matt Damon as Max De Costa, an orphan raised in a convent who dreams of getting to Elysium. Elysium, is a space station that orbits earth, created for the purpose of the rich and powerful to have a place that is all their own. With the most advanced technology, including instant healing bays that can cure any and every disease, malformation or symptom, it is definitely a place everyone wants to be. The trouble is, its run by a crappy figurehead president who apparently doesn’t know how to run a place, and the bitch defense secretary played very well by Jodie Foster ( I am not saying she is a bitch, her character is, as I am sure Jodie is a lovely person) who is in the mentality that you need to do anything and everything to keep the place only for the rich and powerful. It’s a dick move, and it ties into a long standing immigration argument. Most of the citizens from the Earth, all want to get to Elysium so they can actually live and not be on the constant brink of death. Elysium, being the mecca for the rich, behaves exactly as you think it would, and pretty much uses the earth as a means for cheap labor. Matt Damon himself works in a factory, and after being exposed to a massive (and absolutely painful looking) dose of radiation, makes the decision to finally go there, after promising his childhood friend years ago that they would make it there together. I am just going to come right out and say it…Elysium is full of dicks..top to bottom.

The movie itself is very well done. Like mentioned earlier, it is made by the same director who made District 9, and I loooved District 9, so it was only natural for me to go see this one too. I was going into it with sort of mixed feelings, but by the end I was pleasantly surprised. I also love Sharlto Copley, who played the main character in District 9, and he comes back in Elysium in a totally different role. This time, he is one of the antagonists as he plays a sleeper agents on Earth by the name of Krueger. The tech and weapons they have in this movie is actually really appropriate for the time period. Not too advanced, but just advanced enough that you believe it. Whether it be newly made explosive rounds or shield technology that protects you from said rounds, it does not seem out of place. Shit if they have a giant floating space station, why not this stuff? Also, it seems rather selfish to keep that healing tech in the hands of the rich, as it literally looks like it costs nothing to heal people, and it works in a matter of seconds. Matt Damon does his best as well, and it actually looks like he enjoyed working on this movie. I am trying not to be spoiler heavy, but there is a strength enhancing suit, and it leads to some awesome battles. Once again, not too advanced, as it is almost just like a bunch of rods and hydraulics that make his punches harder, and his jumps slightly higher. It’s not Iron man , guys, but it is close enough.

Matt Damon meets some cronies from his past life, and they help him get what he needs in order to try and get to Elysium. The story itself has a few holes, but not enough to make it a bad one. I enjoyed it, mainly because I love to hate privileged people and those who deny the poorer folk things that could really help them out. I am actually rather appalled that people like that would act in such fashion, yet they do, and they will always act like that. It’s upsetting, but makes for a good narrative. The effects were also well done, but some of the camera cutting and flashing lights could be somewhat jarring. I kind of thought I was watching the second Resident Evil movie in the graveyard fight scene, as the camera cuts were often very quick and dizzying. It gave a feel of slight nausea, but I wanted to watch it anyway. The flashing lights at one spot were a bit too much though. However, this is not to say the whole movie was like that, it was only just a few parts here and there. Besides that, everything else is nicely done in term of camera work and editing choices. I also really like Krueger, as he is just such an asshole sometimes. He knows he is, and uses it to full advantage, but at the same time comes off as somewhat nicer than most evil doers you would encounter in this sort of universe. He has the strength, the tech, and the beard to get the job done. His interactions with Damon are very nicely done, and Matt Damon plays the role of “Not wanting to be there” very well.

The ending of the film, was also nicely handled as everyone you want to happen, will happen, and everything you don’t want to happen, will happen as well. I know it sounds kind of confusing, but after watching it , you will know what I mean. Guys, you really should go see this. I was pretty entertained the whole time, and the fact that I am telling you to do so should be enough, right? You all trust your boy Arthur, and I would never steer you wrong. If you do go see it, let me know what you thought about it. I am always open to comments, and welcome them like Boromir welcomes arrows to the chest. With open arms.

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  1. hahaha I know what you mean. Spider had that desperate need factor down pat, and the fact that they did have their own ends in mind definitely gave them that depth that say Jodie Foster’s character slightly lacked. you knew why she was doing it, but you still couldn’t really get behind it. and haha I would love straight up brain storage. its like a tech version of the pensive in Harry Potter haha

  2. I really enjoyed Elysium, too. Visually it’s awesome. I think they could have made it a little more “deep” Jodie Foster’s character was such a 1 dimensional villain. Matt Damon didn’t really have time to be selfish before he had to go be heroic… A little nuance would have made this epic instead of being what it is …which is still an awesome action flick.

    • I totally agree. Krueger was more the villain than Foster, even though Foster was supposed to be the main villain. The thing is though, I think I liked Krueger too much to hate him haha. and as for the matt damon comment….I KNOW RIGHT? I liked him in it but he wasn;t really able to hit that rock bottom before being brought back up. granted the radiation stuff brought him down a bit, but not character wise. all around though I definitely dug it, but wished there was just that little bit more….maybe the lightning gun from District 9? haha

      • Krueger and Spider were the more interesting characters in my opinion. They had their own motivations, adds a little depth. You know, that lightning gun was pretty rad, but I’ll settle for in brain data storage and DNA tattoos! Weeeeirrdd

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