Villain Spotlight: Waluigi…The Most Evil Man on the Planet?

Okay guys….confession time. I know I promised you all a look at the Homonculi and Scar from Fullmetal Alchemist in this week’s Villain Spotlight, but over the course of the last couple of days, I realized that almost any information regarding them would be very spoiler heavy, and not necessarily fair to all those who have yet to see it. I am sorry, but in the wake of disappointment…..comes an absurd notion. I know you all have played Mario Kart, Mario Tennis or any of the myriad Mario titles that feature a team up/party style game, and have enjoyed all of the awesome characters that they have included in the melees/races party murder games. They’re awesome and fun right? How could any of that be deemed villainous? They’re all so cute and cuddly! Yoshi! Boo! ShyGuy! All of these guys are simply too wholesome to be evil…. However, if you have gotten a chance to listen to our Nintendo podcast, you will know that I have my doubts about a specific character in the Mario universe. Someone who hasn’t really showed us his hand yet, and who may very well be the most evil character of all time. Everyone out there in reader land…..what do you know about Waluigi?

Waluigi first appeared in the Game Boy Color version of Mario Tennis. Teaming up with Wario for doubles should be an immediate window to his tendencies and character. For those who know, if I am playing any sort of Mario Kart or what have you, I am always going to pick Wario or Luigi, because Mario is overrated. Now ironically, Waluigi is technically a hybrid of Luigi and Wario, which should spell double awesome for me, right? Wrong! That is too much evil in one body. Luigi is good natured and misunderstood, considering he has a spotlight hogging dick for a brother (I still love you Mario, but Luigi is the superior brother,) but he does anything and everything he can to save the day and to keep the peace. Mild, timid, and somewhat anxious, Luigi is always playing second fiddle even though he is capable of the same or more than Mario. Wario on the other hand, is vile, cruel, greedy and power hungry. Pretty much everything a proper villain should be. He is not one to sit back and let other people take what is his, and he will punch and dash his way to victory (if you haven’t, you really need to play the GC Wario game. Absolutely amazing). Interviews with the creators of Waluigi credit his ways and demeanor as such; “Waluigi is a creature of self pity, and feels that all of the good things that should be happening to him are happening to everyone else.” Let that sink in for a minute….I’ll meet you in the next paragraph.

Got that? Good. Now think about that description of Waluigi for a minute….what does it sound like? Does it sound like someone who is slightly jealous yet capable of everything everyone else does? That’s Luigi. Now think of the other half…all of the good things are happening to everyone else and he will stop at nothing to change that…who does that sound like? If you guess Wario, then you would be correct. Wario is capable of all of those things, as is Luigi. In comes the hybrid character Waluigi, born of Luigi’s slight jealousy and Wario’s need to conquer and win. Now I know I may not be the most knowledgeable when it comes to every character from every medium ever, but from what I do know, the ones who feel slighted and have the capacity for evil are the most dangerous of all villains. Picture Superboy Prime. All the power, all of the angst and hatred, and everything else you may need to create a world shattering asshole (I love you Prime) is rolled into one volatile being. That is Waluigi; A mash up of everything that could possibly go wrong in the Nintendo universe. The worst part is he hasn’t even had his own game yet to show us what he is truly capable of. Wario has had many, Bowser has been prominent in the Mario titles as the main villain, and other little guys and girls have had issues with the crown, but the only one we haven’t seen in full form is Waluigi. His future is limitless and quite possibly tragic and destructive. We literally have absolutely no idea what he can do, and if he is given the chance to shine, what would we be in store for?

Here is my idea. Give Waluigi a chance to shine. We have seen him in the mash up titles, but never in his own. Do what they did for Wario, and give him a chance to traverse the Mushroom Kingdom in a sort of sneaky fashion. Make him a more stealth based character. He also seems to be smarter and more cunning than Wario, refusing to be as single minded as he is, and could definitely fit well in the Mario and Luigi RPG titles that have become so popular on the GBA, DS, and 3DS. You do not necessarily have to make it his own game at first, although that would be amazing, but have him be the main villain for once. Actually, here’s a thought that just exploded into my brain….what if he is a manifestation of Luigi’s unending need to prove himself? Mario is essentially almost selfless and heroic to a fault, while Wario is greedy and selfish to perfection. Luigi doesn’t have that sort of counterpart, because Waluigi has not been able to fully explore his own abilities. If Luigi keeps sitting on the sidelines and feeling sorry for himself, something may happen. Stranger things have happened in the Mushroom Kingdom, and Luigi creating a being of pure self pity and depression does not seem so far off. You laugh now, but how many sci fi shows and horror movies have had a villain because one of the characters is projecting a malevolent force that they have been keeping at bay within themselves? Shit, Naruto is a whole series about that!! Everyone has a dark side, but most keep it at bay. What happens though when that person cannot keep it at bay anymore? Waluigi happens…and he happens hard and brutal. It’s funny…nobody really seems to pay him any mind, but that may just be the way he likes it. Most villains aren’t necessarily the type to boast about their plans, unless it is a Bond movie, and Waluigi may be cooking something up that could very well change the face of the Mushroom Kingdom forever…. Like maybe a psychic takeover of Luigi which causes him to nearly murder his brother, and then be given the reigns in his own title to bring Mario back to life or out of a coma. I may have just given Nintendo their next trillion dollar idea. Get on that!

I hope this doesn’t seem like the ramblings of a delusional psychopath, because it isn’t. It’s scientific fact. Eventually, you are all going to be sitting at home, anxiously turning on your WiiU or whatever console is out at the moment, and you are going to witness something awful and amazing at the same time. Waluigi will finally arrive, and not with a tennis racquet, baseball bat, go kart, or anything fun, but with malevolence and hatred. Enough to bring down the Mushroom Kingdom to a pile of useless rubble that will be looked upon with sadness for all eternity. And I will laugh, because nobody listened to me. It’s okay though….I’m used to it.  I implore you all to keep an eye on Waluigi….he may just be waiting for the perfect opportunity to steal all of your money …as well as your heart. Here’s to you Waluigi. Can’t wait to see what you are capable of!

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  1. This was a while ago…. but…. Ah well. It won’t happen. I’m saving up my money though so I can buyout Nintendo to make a Waluigi game. Who’s with me!

  2. we need to get some warioland going haha

  3. Waluigi is the true puppet master in the Mushroom Kingdom! I’m with Arthur… Just wait, you’ll see!!!

  4. Ooooooooof BURN!!! haha I kinda want one, but not at the same time? What I really want is a gamecube again so I can play Warioland. I want it so bad!!

  5. Based on the sales figures, I don’t think ANYONE’s at home about to turn on a Wii U.

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