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HELLLLLLOOOOOO STONEHENGE!!!!  Oops, sorry, wrong show.  HELLLLOOOOOO EVIL GEEKS!  That’s more like it.  Well, it’s been kind of a slow season for Falling Skies this year; the 2nd Mass arrived in Charleston and things kind of hit a wall narrative-wise.  To me it seemed like the story wasn’t moving at brisk pace as it has in the past.  However, even though the 2nd Mass wasn’t on the road fighting for a place of their own, there was still the sense that something bigger was coming.  Surely they wouldn’t let the audience down, would they?  Well… they wouldn’t!  Lot’s of big happenings went down in this finale, so let’s get recapping, shall we?!?!

    That horrible moment when Tom Mason realizes that he left the keys to the Volm super-weapon back in Boston. D'oh!

That horrible, gut wrenching moment when Tom Mason realizes he left the keys to the Volm super-weapon back in Boston. D’oh!

Wasting no time with pleasantries, the finale hits the ground running putting us with Col. Weaver, Pope, and others aboard a train to Chicago.  They’ve brought Lourdes along with them, faceworms and all.  The men are being very obvious about the fact that they are going to Chicago.  They want Lourdes and her menagerie of alien parasites to think that they’re heading for Chi Town to do the usual, touristy type of stuff: Grab a slice at Geno’s East, check out the top of the Willis Tower, blow up the hub for the Espheni defense grid, and maybe catch a Cubs game if there’s time.  The Espheni may have mastered intergalactic travel and warfare, but luckily for the surviving humans, they don’t know shit about not falling for ruses.  Weaver and his crew encounter some super mechs an a whole load of Espheni fighters as they plow towards the Mid-West on their sham mission, while Tom leads a smaller team towards Boston, with the Volm super-weapon in tow.  As the crew heads toward the Espheni tower, I couldn’t help but think of this vital question:  How the hell did the humans steer a gargantuan tanker, carrying an even more massive weapon, across open water all the way to Boston without being spotted by the Espheni?  I realize the aliens have diverted a large chunk of their soldiers towards Chicago, but come on! You can’t tell me they didn’t leave some folks behind to watch for a sneak attack.  The weapon gets fired and the results weren’t immediate as the humans and the Volm expected, but eventually the damage done with the first shot brings down the invaders’ tower, thus putting an end to the Espheni defense grid and the world-wide disco, laser light show it had been so generously providing Earth.  Before the dust of the fallen tower even has a chance to settle, the Volm show up with an even larger, more menacing ship, which they land directly on top of what was left of Boston.  Not exactly a great first impression.  If you’re really about helping out the indigenous people of the planets invaded by the Espheni, then your first act upon showing up probably shouldn’t be to crush a historic major city.  I’m just saying…


As had been suspected all season long, Cochise may not have been as forthcoming about the Volm plans as he should have been.  They’re sort of here to help us, if by “help us” you mean “take away our weapons, force us to stop fighting the Espheni and sending us to a Brazil.  They’re basically sending us to that “Farm Upstate” that all of our parents sent our childhood pets to when they got old.  They’re saying that the humans will be able to leave peacefully under the protection of the Volm, but one can’t help but get the sense that they’re still bullshitting us when they say that.  Oh, and by the way, another little thing Cochise failed to mention was that his father is the Volm Commander.  Hey Cochise, is there anything you weren’t yanking our chain about?  After a brief misunderstanding while meeting the Commander, Tom is imprisoned while Weaver is sent back tot he rest of the humans to tell them to prepare to be relocated to Brazil.  Needless to say, no one is really happy about that, so Weaver decides to get everyone moving before the Volm show up to take them away.


Back on the Volm ship, Tom meets with the Commander again.  It seems that they both got off on the wrong foot and the Commander may not have articulated his message very well.  It wasn’t like they wanted to force the humans to move, it’s just that in all their travels throughout the cosmos, the Volm have never met a species that didn’t want to accept their offer to leave the war behind.  They thought the humans would simply agree to it without knowing what a strong-willed species they were dealing with.  They truly do have the humans best interests at hand, but their message was just a little flawed. After Tom and the Commander each explain their positions a little further, the two soldiers from different worlds understand each other a little more.  The commander opts to let the humans go wherever they please and Cochise makes sure that they get their weapons back on the way out.  Once again the 2nd Mass is back on the road.  They’re headed back to Charleston first, but after that the possibilities are wide open.  Mason mentions that they should seek out Hathaway’s people in order to join forces and grow even stronger.  Seeing as how one of the reasons the humans resisted the Brazil plan was because they wanted to keep fighting the Espheni, so you can be sure that where ever there’s a an Espheni tower, the 2nd Mass will surely be looking to take it down.

As if all that wasn’t enough, some even bigger happenings go down after the group is on the road.  Lourdes is with the group and sure enough Karen had been tracking her.  The 2nd Mass sees Karen’s ship approaching and immediately prepares for a battle.  Much to their surprise, Karen approaches the human forces with a white flag in hand.  She wants to make peace with the humans in order to team up and attack the Volm, whom Karen warns are the real threat in this situation.  As a show of faith, she offers Tom the gift of his missing girlfriend and daughter, who are now inexplicably alive.  Just last week they were inexplicably dead, now you’re telling me they’re suddenly not dead and we don’t get any explanation for that?!?!?!?!  WTF!?!  That little plot hole aside, the Mason family responds to Karen’s offer with a definitive no, coming in the form of a hail of bullets.  The humans wipe the floor with the Espheni forces and in the end, Karen is shot by Hal, with the coup de grace being delivered by Maggie while Hal was almost cuddling up to a dying Karen.  Clearly that’s going to be an issue for them as the last time we see them, it’s as they have a weirdly tense standoff while preparing a car for travel.  One other little detail on the return of Anne and Lexi, even though they were only gone a few weeks, Lexi has aged about 6 years… and she can somehow disintegrate Espheni face worms.  She somehow draws them out of Lordes, clasps her hands together and POOF… face worm dust.  Every parent has always wanted a child that was advanced for their age; ,be careful what you wish for I guess.

Well, that’s going to wrap up Season 3 of Falling Skies. A huge thank you for all that have hung in there with me this season as these recaps were chronically late.  I’ll be back this fall with weekly reviews of The Walking Dead and of course there will be a Who Reviews for the 50th anniversary special and the Christmas special, so come on back for some reviewy goodness, Evil Geeks!

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