Evil Geek Book Report – Guardians Of The Galaxy #1-3

I’m pretty sure I’m what Marvel has in mind for its audience for the new Guardians Of The Galaxy comic series. I didn’t know much about its past but with the upcoming movie, I was definitely curious. I wanted a little bit of a primer and hell I’m always looking for a good space opera. So why not?

The book debuted towards the end of Marvel Now’s first wave with Brian Michael Bendis on board as writer and Steve McNiven as the artist. Issues #1-3 (reviewed here) make up the first arc and get things rolling with a bang.


The Guardians and the series are centered around Peter Quill aka Star-Lord. Quill is the half human offspring of J’Son the King of Spartax an earth woman named Meredith. J’Son’s spaceship crashed during an intergalactic war and Meredith offered him asylum…and warm bed. Lucky for her, he looks human. After his ship is fixed, J’Son skips town and goes back to join the war effort leaving Meredith unexpectedly pregnant. 10 years later an alien race known as the Bardoon returns and destroy Meredith’s residence hoping to wipe out J’Son’s bloodline and heir to the throne. Peter escapes but Meredith does not. This is all depicted in a preview issue numbered 0.1. It was a good way to catch you up to speed on Quill, but you’re better off just reading a few sentences on Wikipedia (or even this very paragraph). There’s a panel depicting J’Son and Meredith spending a quiet night in watching TV. It’s just silly, the comic really should have been 10 pages long to be effective.


Issue #1 starts and we see Quill at a bar trying to solicit a Kree woman to come home with him. J’Son enters and Bendis uses this opportunity to catch us up to speed on everything. Right away it’s evident that Quill and his father have a distant and contemptuous relationship at best. He also alerts him that the council of Galactic Empires has deemed Earth off limits. No one is allowed to travel to it or interfere with it. Berfore long we are introduced to a resident team badass, Gamora (adopted daughter of Thanos) one of the deadliest fighters alive. She busts into the bar and starts taking out J’Son’s royal guards much to both Quill and J’Son’s dismay. After a minor scuffle, Quil and Gamora make a hasty retreat.


Meanwhile, Iron Man now with space operable armor has left Earth to get away for a while at the behest of Quill and spend some time with the Guardians. No sooner has he left the Earth’s atmosphere he’s face to face with an alien Badoon ship hurtling towards it. He does his best to halt their progress but they prove over powering. Lucky for him the Guardians arrive to give a hand, this time around they are rounded out by the rest of their team. Including Rocket Racoon, the anamorphic raccoon, Groot a massive sentient tree like creature and Drax the Destroyer a former human who was given enhanced powers a long time ago to battle Thanos. They are able to temporarily halt them but when Badoon reinforcements show up their ship is plummeted to London.

gg22-600x910This leaves our heroes in quite a bind. They have to protect the city of London from its invaders but in doing so they are violating the direct orders of the Galactic Council. More importantly why were the Badoon’s targeting the planet?

Things are slowly revealed through issue 2 and 3 but of course it only leads to more questions and deeper mysteries. As a whole the arc was definitely interesting. It has a movie feel and is epic in scope. I wanted to love it, but it fell a little flat. Other than Quill and J’Son we really didn’t get to know or learn much about the other Guardians. I am sure that will come in time but after 3 issues I should be able to tell you something about them right?


It makes sense to have the book centered around Quill. He’s very likeable in that Han Solo type of way and I suppose it doesn’t hurt to have the main character be mostly Human. They were also smart to include Iron Man on their team; most people are at least familiar enough with him to suck in readers to flesh out a cast of mostly obscure Marvel characters. It will be an interesting dynamic to see how his particular brand of cocky genius is in situations where they technology is so advanced that it’s beyond him.

I like this enough and can see it getting better the further it goes. I’m on the fence about whether I should pick up issue #4 & 5, but most likely will. I’m still baffled that Marvel chose this as their next big cinematic launch point with characters that are far from house hold names. Perhaps cosmic Marvel is where they want to head next and at the very least launch Thanos into the Marvel cinematic universe.


As I’ve gotten older I’ve grown to have a soft spot for Corsair and the Starjammers. So if you’re going to give me the Guardians Of The Galaxy movie with them as virtually space pirates, I’ll definitely be checking it out.

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  1. Man, if you haven’t read the Abnett and Lanning guardians from a few years back. It was an amazing series of books and in many ways it’s popularity lead to this new revival as people found that run towards the end and after they finished. It starts with the annihilation mini and just goes on great from there.

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