Our Day at the Boston Comic Con!

What’s up nerds!

This weekend C-Mart and myself attended the Boston Comic Con! The con was a great. It felt big on one hand because the lines to get in stretched down the block, but at the same time a lot more intimate than New York. We met some great people throughout the day, got some awesome spoilers from Brian Azzarello at the DC panel, and have some cosplay photos for you (including a life size Jabba!) to check out today with more coming tomorrow.

A special thanks to Bill Willingham for spending some time with us for an interview (which we’ll put up this week!,) and to Dan Didio and Scott Snyder for being so gracious! The vibe at Boston Comic Con seemed really inviting and it really seemed like it was all about the fans. If you can get down there today I highly recommend it, and there will be a special Bat-Panel at 4 that wasn’t previously advertised, so check it out! Also, if you like these pictures make sure to check out our newest gallery of Boston Comic Con right here!

Now with the pictures…

Make sure to return tomorrow when we put up the rest of the pics that we got at the con!

Later Internet!

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