Evil Geek Book Report – All New X-Men #12

All New 12

Ooooh, there’s gonna be a Summers brother showdown! Scott and Alex are two of my favorite characters, so I’m a sucker for scenes with the both of them together. However, these encounters often end poorly. Scott and Alex don’t always see eye to eye and, while they both have the ability to fire out destructive energy beams, these forces cancel each other out and the end result is just two naked men in a battle of wills.



Boy Fights, featuring a Baby Buster short.

However, as with most comics, the cover give no actual indication of the contents. Scott and Alex don’t fight at all.  Scott is understandably overwhelmed to learn that his brother is alive, has powers, and leads an Avengers team and Alex relishes the opportunity to have an innocent brother whom he hasn’t fought 40 times. It’s a fresh start for Havok, and he steals his share of hugs from Cyclops. Maybe I’m biased with my Summers Lovin’, but I thought their conversation was quite touching. Havok is pretty frank with Cyclops about the man that his older self has become, but doesn’t hold it against the younger version. He encourages Scott and the original team to return to the past. Meanwhile, the rest of the young X-Men can’t help but notice that the Scarlet Witch, still a villain in the time from which they came, is among the Avengers on the scene. Bobby’s description of this situation cracked me up…


Get a load of the balls on Logan!

Bobby is perhaps a little concerned with Wanda Maximoff’s presence, but Jean Grey goes totally apeshit after reading Wanda’s mind for a quick sec. Jean sees a couple of key Bendis moments from the past decade of publication; The Scarlet Witch’s “disassembling” of the Avengers and the whole “No More Mutants” bit from the end of House of M. Young Jean’s not much of one for conversation, and instead he just knocks the Uncanny Avengers on their asses. And brother, she’s powerful even as a teenager. She has no difficulty launching Thor into the sky.

thor rippppp

As the dust settles, Captain America explains that the original X-Men are wanted for the heists Mystique and crew have been committing over the last few issues.  The two teams put their brains together and realize that Mystique is to blame and once again Li’l Cyclops tries to step into her defense, but they eventually get her last known location out of him. The X-Men promise to return to the Academy and take to the skies, but not before Jean slings a little more stank at Wanda and Scott and Alex share an epic bro-hug.


Aaaand no sooner in the Blackbird in the air than Wolverine tells the gang that they’re gonna head out after Mystique, in direct violation of Captain America’s orders.  Seriously, for some reason Wolverine undermining his boss seems more ballsy than all of the other insanely dangerous stuff he does.  Maybe it’s the lack of respect that really surprises me in all of this, I thought they were pals, you know?

The “B” story in this issue is about Mystique’s Brotherhood once again amassing wealth without any clear plan. Thankfully, Lady Mastermind takes note of this fact and calls Mystique out.  The bank-robber shapeshifter is, not surprisingly, hiding something.  She eventually admits that she’s saving up for a big purchase, and by the looks of it she can afford to do a little shopping.

Mystique Dough

A little “walking around” money

With this issue, Bendis is slipping into his usual habits.  The book is comprised of two, count ’em , two scenes. While I enjoyed both of them, this is a $3.99 book and people are gonna want to see a little bit more bang for their buck. Personally, I’m guaranteed to pick up a book that Immonen draws one way or the other, so I won’t act like I’m gonna let go so soon.  Speaking of Immomen, get a load of this!!

Fin Fang Fantastic!

Fin Fang Fantastic!

I love Fin Fang Foom unconditionally, but when Immomen draws him, complete with those purple trunks, it makes my day.  If you haven’t read Nextwave, do so immediately. Put down this article, even if it means dropping a computer or iPad or something, and go read Nextwave. It’s Immonen and Warren Ellis, two of my favorite creators, working on a high-intensity madcap team book set in its own little corner of the Marvel Universe where just about anything goes.  Listen, I’m not saying you shouldn’t read All-New X-Men #12, but I AM saying that you should also read Nextwave.

Anyway, 100 points to Stuart Immonen for that drawing and same to Bendis if he specified that in the script. Keep your eyes out for my review of #13 any day now, as it’s been out for a little bit already.

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