The Con is ON! The Boston Comic Con That Is…

Hey there Evil Geeks!  After the tragedy at the Boston Marathon back in April, you may recall that the Boston Comic Con was scheduled for the same week.  At the time, the manhunt was still on for the suspects and understandably the con had to be canceled.  We recorded a special podcast back at the time to talk about all of the craziness going on at that week, which was a rare moment of seriousness for the Evil Geeks.  Turning to the bright side of things with the horror of that event finally behind us and the surviving culprit in prison, the show can finally go on.  This Saturday and Sunday the Boston Comic Con returns and along with it, so too shall the Brotherhood of Evil Geeks! To celebrate the event, we’re giving away a SWEET PRIZE but since we’re Evil, we’re going to make you work for it!  What can we say? Getting people to do our bidding really does it for us.

Win this kick-ass shirt featuring the place where Han Solo got screwed over and the guy who sold him into art slavery!

Win this kick-ass shirt featuring the place where Han Solo got screwed over, all gussied up to look like the guy who sold him into art slavery!

Here’s the deal folks: if you want to win this brand new and incredibly awesome Boba Fett / The Empire Strikes Back t-shirt, then you’ve got to be one eagle-eyed Evil Geek (how’s that for a tongue twister? Eagle-Eyed Evil Geeks Eat Estonian Easels Every Easter).  Big Evil and C-Mart will be walking the floor all day on Saturday, wearing some sweet t-shirts of our very own.  We’ll each be wearing our official Brotherhood of Evil Geeks t-shirts featuring the Brotherhood’s logo.  If you’re the first person to spot one of us and DEMAND that we hand over the rebel scum, er… sorry, I mean hand over the shirt , then it’s all yours!  Hopefully you like X Large, because that’s the only size we’ve got.  If it’s too big, then we can take you out for dinner at the “Classiest” all you can eat Chinese buffet we can find. By your fourth trip to the mystery meat bar, you’ll fit right into that bad boy (Disclaimer: The Evil Geeks want nothing to do with you outside of the internet and will not take you out to dinner.  We’re loners, Dottie. Rebels).

In case you don’t know what our logo looks like here it is:


The logo is enormous on our shirts, so we’ll be easy to spot.  We promise not to dress up like the TARDIS or a Wookie or something in an effort to cover it up. Nope, we’re going to dress up like TIE Fighters, not just to cover it up, but also to be able to smack innocent bystanders whenever we turn around .  If you’re a little slow on the draw and end up spotting us after the shirt’s been given away, at the very least you’ll walk off with a free Brotherhood of Evil Geeks sticker.  If you’re going to vandalize, then do it in style with one of our logo stickers!


If you’re in the Boston area on August 3rd or 4th then you should head on down to the Seaport World Trade Center and Check out the Boston Comic Con.  The show will be open both days at 10am, then will be open until 7pm on Saturday and 6pm on Sunday.  We’ll be wandering around taking pics and wrangling interviews so if you cosplay at the Con and want to be featured in our cosplay gallery from the con, then chances are one of us will be shoving a camera and/or a microphone in your face at some point Saturday afternoon.  It’s going to be a massively fun event, so get out there, support comics, and also supoprt Boston! For more info on the show and the slew of comic and celebrity guests that are lined up head on over to

See you there, Evil Geeks!

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