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Your Weekend Creature Comforts: Goblins

Thank god it’s the weekend, and your time to kick back, enjoy a drink or two, and be as lazy or productive as you want. And what better way to relax than while indulging in your favorite non-human creature obsession? With this weekend’s first post, we’re going to start bringing you the perfect post on your favorite creatures every weekend to help you forget about your banal week-to-week work life.  Whether it is claws, scales, fur, spikes, fangs, or rotting flesh, we’ll make your weekend relaxation more enjoyable with this weekly installment from the Brotherhood of Evil Geeks.  Humans have been telling creature tales since the time of the Cave Men, so it’s a tradition we are delighted to continue.


The plan will be to pick a creature to discuss in detail every weekend, where we will first go over the personal details of said creature, followed by a reference for their most memorable appearances in human history, and lastly followed up with our personal favorite representation of the creature being profiled. And requests are welcome. While we have many species we plan on bringing in to your homes in the coming months, feel free to send me an email from the “About Us” tab section of the website.

So for our first Creature Comforts we are going to spotlight goblins, a classic and recurring character encountered in many fantasy novels, movies, and myths. What is a goblin you ask?


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Keep Your Eyes on the Prize(s)

Do you live in New York’s Capital Region? Do you like movies? Do you like having a chance to win door prizes with admission? Then We had better darn well see you at the Madison Theater in Albany tonight or tomorrow for the midnight showings of Miami Connection!

Here’s a look at some of the wonderful prizes we’ll be donating.


One of four high quality prints!


spider-man print

Amazing! Spectacular! Sensational!


The cover to wolverine and the X-Men #1, Pencils by Chris Bachalo inks by Ti m Townsend.

If, by some remote chance, you’re not interested in this fantastic prints, you’ll still have the chance to meet the Brotherhood ourselves in all of our handsome glory.

Remember, gang! It’s tonight and tomorrow at midnight at the Madison Theater, located at 1036 Madison Avenue in Albany, NY !

Villain Spotlight: The Daleks

Welcome back all of my little exterminators to another edition of your favorite weekly dose of the vile and cruel, and this week is nothing short of amazing. I normally choose which villains to spotlight just about the day before I actually write the column. This one however, has been in the background of my mind for quite a while, and I was thinking of saving it until a more appropriate time. A time that coincides with a certain November extravaganza that I am impatiently waiting for….but I couldn’t wait any longer. I just felt like today was the right day for this, and it will also give you all more than enough time to check it out before the big day later this year. Ladies and gentlemen, it brings me great pleasure to bring you guys the glory that is ……. The Daleks!

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Pulp Corner: Alias Vol. 1


Every once in a while you’ll read something that just seems perfectly tailored to your tastes and interests. Since I seemed to been having such gold luck with Brian Michael Bendis lately I thought I’d check out his series Alias. It turned out to be exactly what I was looking for.

The story centers on Jessica Jones, a former super hero who has become a private investigator. She’s washed up and angry. Desperation and hard living had made her callous and beaten her down. I always liked the idea of seeing things from a non-costumed or “heroes” perspective in a world that’s full of them. This is one of the reasons that made the Marvels miniseries so successful. What we get here is basically film noir done Marvel style (and no, not that thankfully). It’s a hell of an idea.


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Horror of Horrors: The Mist

Warning: Once again this article will be filled with profanity, so please be aware. Normally I don’t like disclaimers, but it’s a necessary touch that you guys are going to have to get used to unfortunately. Just in case….also…spoilers, but grow up. The movie has been out for years now.

Welcome once again to your weekly dose of the awful and terrifying! I, as always, am your host Arthur Harkness, and this week I am bringing you something that is slightly funny yet awesomely scary at the same time. Not for most conventional reasons, but more because I laughed my ass off while watching this movie in theaters, which I will detail later in this article. Stephen King is a master of his craft, and even though most of the movies based on his novels have ranged from okay to “oh god what were they thinking?”, you still have to respect the guy. Not everything he writes is easily translatable to the big screen, but dammit if they won’t try. One such piece was the novella titled “ The Mist”, in which a town is besieged by unseen forces swirling around in a dense fog so thick you can’t see two feet in front of you. But that’s not the only part, there’s more to this mist than meet the eye…..because it’s so thick you can’t fucking see (I thought I explained that to you already?) In all seriousness, there’s goddamn tentacle monsters and giant dicks and titty lions all up in that shit…..maybe not the titty lions….but still!! Let’s take a look shall we?

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The Things I Do For Comics – Extreme Justice #0

Howdy, gang, welcome once again to “The Things I Do For Comics”!  If this is your first time looking at this column, allow me to explain:  It’s more or less a comics S&M session that I engage in on a weekly basis.  But instead of wearing a dog collar and smelling a glove, I read intentionally awful books from all throughout the history of comics (although the highest concentration of awful books were published in the 1990s). This week we’re going to have a look at the positively dreadful…



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