Evil Geek Book Report – All-New X-Men #11

Long time no see, right?  It’s actually weird and kind of relevant to this comic, I was whisked away to the future for a few months to help my older self out of a jam. Nothing major, he was moving and he needed some help with that plus he also had like six appointments in one day and needed someone to pick his cat up from the vet, because if you wait until after 3 they charge you for another day or something.  Anyway, I’m back and I’ve read a whole bunch of fresh All-New X-Men issues!

All New 11 cover

So, when last we spoke on the topic of these young mutants, there was a cliffhanger ending in which one of the time-displaced X-Men had crossed over to join the Uncanny X-Men. I took a shot in the dark and said that it was going to be Jean Grey, and I was plenty wrong. Warren Worthington III, the Angel has switched sides out of frustration. When the issue of whether or not the original X-Men should stay in the present or return to their own time was brought to a vote, only Warren voted to return home and consequently he’s been miserably stuck in a frightening, unfamiliar future. In fact, he was fully prepared to return on his own and was only stopped by Jean Grey’s telepathic override of his personality. Not exactly an ethical move, but it certainly did the trick, and in this issue she’s fully prepared to use it once more until the Stepford Cuckoos, who have already joined up with the Uncanny X-Men, overpower her and release Warren from her clutches. Wolverine, having always been a big fan of Jean Grey’s, doesn’t care much for this turn of events.

ANXM 11 Snikt

Thankfully, Magneto still has enough control of his powers to toss Wolverine around until he calms down. In the resulting panic, though, the Stepford Cuckoos go all-out on Jean Grey’s teenage brain despite the objections of both Wolverine and Adult Cyclops. Emma pushes the limit, however, more than likely due to a longtime personal beef with the Jean Grey she knew. Scott eventually convinces her to call off her dogs, and when the dust settles Warren leaves with Adult Cyclops and his Uncanny X-Men.

anxm 11 uncanny

Next we cut over to the headquarters of Tony Stark’s new company, Resilient. Pepper Potts is acting very strangely, indeed! She’s looking for access to the Stark’s personal financial records, and she’s going about it very shifty and unorthodox ways. As soon as we can say “Oh, yeah… I forgot Mystique was in this book”, we see a uncharacteristically violent attack by a strangely bloodthirsty group of X-Men…

ANXM 11 Attack

“Oh yeah, I also forgot that Lady Mastermind was in this book…”. Mystique uses this distraction to successfully access Stark’s files and rewards herself for her hard work by turning  gradually blue while she reads them.

Back at the Institute, Kitty Pryde gives Young Jean Grey some moral support. Kitty shares with Jean some wisdom which had been, in turn, imparted to her by Peter Parker, the Spectacular Spider-Man; “With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility.”  and while that’s great advice for a nerd who can lift a car and dodge a punch or a  woman who can walk through walls, I cannot overestimate the importance of a frustrated teenage girl who can rewrite brains.  Jean takes this advice to heart, and she and Kitty hug it out. They resolve to head out after Mystique to try and clear their heads of this Warren business, and take off in the Blackbird. On the way, Cyclops begins coming clean about his recent conversation with Mystique when the plane is suddenly swept into some sort of freestanding wind tunnel and brought to the ground. While most of the team seems baffled about what took them out of the sky, Wolverine knows before he’s exited the cockpit that he’ll have to explain himself to…

anxm 11 uncanny avengers

Another of the many teams to which Wolverine belongs

I’m not going to lie to you, I was starting to lose interest in this series as of the previous issue, but this one dragged me back in. I like that we’re actually seeing more of whatever the hell it is Mystique and company are up to, I get the feeling that we’ll have a little break from the tired Uncanny X-Men run-ins, and I do so love it when Havok and Cyclops get together.  As I may have stated on this blog in the past, Havok is a longtime favorite character of mine and while I don’t necessarily his new team or costume, I’ll take what I can get.

You’ll be hearing from me soon…

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