The Weekly Skitter Report: Journey to Xilbalba

Fear not, Evil Geeks, for the heavens hold no terrors horrifying enough to stay Brotherhood’s hand from wielding the literary sword that is The Weekly Skitter Report!  Last week I was griping about the overall pace of this season.  To me it seemed like there was a whole lot of place setting going on, with zero payoff story wise.  Charleston seemed to be to the writing staff, what Waterloo was to Napoleon.  The plot was going nowhere fast, so with only two episodes left to go in season 3, I was keeping my fingers crossed in hopes of finally getting some sweet story action.  Would the humans and the Volm finally strike at the heart of the Espheni war machine? Would Journey to Xibalba be the episode that rockets the story forward?  Could I actually be the only person to keep referring to this episode as “Journey to Sebulba?”  So many questions need answering before this season wraps up!

Tom Mason’s finally made it back to Chuck Town, arriving with flair in a swanky sail boat, which he immediately gifts to Pope as a start towards payback for losing his plane.  I’m sure a giant, white sailboat, making its way towards a human stronghold wouldn’t raise any red flags with the Espheni.  I’m willing to forgive that though, because I really enjoyed this episode. It finally feels like the plot was advancing and that this season is actually building towards something. There was some big stuff going down this week, but let’s get things kicked off with the biggest happening of the week:  the explosion at the Volm facility!  “Something” happens at the Volm weapons site that causes a massive explosion.  The blast rocks Charleston, collapsing many structures and trapping some folks in the underground portions of the city.  It’s not really clear if the explosion is the result of the Espheni mole (Lourdes), an attack on the facility, or just a random accident.  What also remains unclear is what exactly the F#$% will the humans do if the Volm super weapon is destroyed.  All of the Volm with the exception of Cochise are killed in the chaos, so there’s no one left to operate the device, meaning things look bleak at the moment.  However things would be much, much worse if the weapon is destroyed.  At least Cochise is still around though!  Even though he’s in really rough shape post-explosion, Cochise tells the human doctors to simply leave him undisturbed for a little while and his body will regenerate.  In other words, Cochise is basically Master Chief.  If he get’s into a fire fight, all he needs to do is hang back for a second and BAM his energy bar gets refilled.

Even though all their allies are dead, and a good chunk of the Charleston army is either trapped or dead as a result of the blast, there thankfully is some good news for the people of Earth.  The mole has finally been discovered!  Lourdes sets some weird plant bomb in the air ducts of the underground facility, causing more cave ins and collapses.  When Lourdes sees that Cochise is in the process of healing, she fakes being hurt by some falling rubble in order to get into the portion of the infirmary where Cochise is recuperating.  As Lourdes is speaking to Tom when he comes to check on her, she offers him condolences on the deaths of Anne and Lexi (am I the only one who doesn’t think they’re not actually dead?).  She comments on the irony of Anne dying in back in Boston after traveling so far.  The problem with that statement is that Tom only told Weaver about Anne dying in Boston, so she clearly heard it someplace else.  It takes a little while for it to set into Tom’s brain, but he finally realizes what’s up just as Lourdes is about to stab a still unconscious Cochise.  I thought for sure they’d gun her down, thus proving Pope’s point from a few episodes back when Hal wasn’t killed after being found out as a spy.  Lourdes makes it through alive, but still teeming with eyeworms though, so who knows what the future holds for her.

TNTE1006061300011978_013_1280x720In the end, Tom manages to find a way out from the trapped underground of Charleston.  Well… he didn’t really find it, so much as he just blew a huge honkin’ whole in the wall near a staircase that hadn’t been blocked off with rubble.  This episode was essentially “The Espheni Strike Back”.  It was a dark day for the human resistance, but in the end their position isn’t so damaged that they still couldn’t possibly win the war.  Before the blast, a clearly riled up and emotional Tom, was making his case to Porter and Weaver for moving the location of the attack on the Espheni defense grid to Boston so they can also kill Karen in the process.  Tom says that killing her would be a strategic blow to the Espheni, since she is now the Overlord in control of the Eastern Seaboard.  Tom doesn’t really make a convincing case as far as his being motivated by Anne and Lexi’s death, instead of believing that this is sound strategy.  He’s understandably angry, but at the same time he has a point.  Killing Karen would be a good idea since it would take the Espheni longer to regroup without their Overlord.  Next week’s season finally looks like it could be a doozy, with the human primed to attack and destroy the defense grid.  Whether or not they’ll be able to pull it off without the Volm at their side remains to be seen, but you can be sure we’ll be back here to cover all the big happenings with the season finale of The Weekly Skitter Report!!

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