The Weekly Skitter Report: The Pickett Line

Good morning Evil Geekites!  C-Mart’s really dropping the ball this week on getting out the Falling Skies review, but wait no longer because the Weekly Skitter Report is finally upon us!  When we last left former President Tom Mason, he was about to exclaim “Aw f%#%!” after being surrounded then subsequently captured by an Espheni patrol.  Tom also racked up some bonus parenting points when he sent his sons out alone to their next rendezvous point while he went back to help out the hillbillies who previously robbed them.  How’d that play work out for you, Tommy boy?

Not well, not well at all.  Coincidentally, that also the answer to the question “Hey C-Mart, how “well” did you think this episode was?”  The first half of the episode takes place in a dream/hallucinatory state.  The audience is left to infer that Tom has been captured by the Espheni and that they are somehow psychologically manipulating him.  Tom awakens to find himself sleeping next to his wife in their bedroom at home in Boston, in a world that is conspicuously free of invading aliens.  Tom is experiencing an average day at the pre-invasion Mason household; having breakfast with the family, heading off to work, dodging a bum that looks a whole lot like Weaver, shooting the shit with his wacky, babe-hound of a co-worker John Pope, who is apparently banging a girl that looks a lot like Lourdes (without all the crawly face worms though.  To top it all off, Tom also appears to be cheating on his wife with Anne.  WTF?!?!   Tom keeps being asked which city he would rather visit by different people in varying ways. He’s repeatedly presented the choices of New York, Chicago, Boston, or Jacksonville.  The Espheni are trying to trick Tom into revealing the location that the Volm are planning on attacking with their big-ass, defense grid busting, tide of war turning super weapon.   When Tom finally awakens from the induced delusions, he is face to face with a seemingly frightened Karen.  She tells Tom that the rest of the Overlords aren’t happy with her and Tom picks up on the stench of desperation.  Karen manages to get the last laugh though as she shows Tom that she’s captured and imprisoned Anne and Alexis in some cocoon thingy.  We know that Alexis is at least part alien, so I”m pretty sure she’s not dead, but who knows about Anne.  I’ll admit, at this point I really don’t care if she makes it or not.  She’s become somewhat of a grating personality this season, so I honestly wouldn’t miss her if she goes.  That’s right, C-Mart is a stone cold, heartless, bastard, who openly advocates for the orphaning of cute semi-alien babies. After this I’m going to go punch Bob the Builder in the stomach, because that’s how I take care of business.

This was the obligatory dream/hallucination episode that every single TV show feels they need to go to at least once during the course of their run.  Even when this plot device in used in shows that I really enjoy, I still hate it with a passion burning hotter than the boiler room in Hades.  The Sopranos did it, then  it was done again in the episode of The Simpsons where Homer eats the spiciest pepper in the world at the Springfield Chili Cook Off, and it was also most execrably done the episode of Buffy when she gets a dose of demon venom and she isn’t sure if her life as Buffy is real or if she’s actually some mental patient locked away in a nut house, dreaming up all the craziness with vampires and monsters.  Man, I especially hate that episode.  I don’t know if it’s because the freaky dream episode messes with the paradigm of the world that’s been established or if I just really hate watching other people hallucinate while I’m in a sober mind, but I’m not a fan of these types of episodes at all. This dream sequence ate up half the episode; to me that seems like such a waste of valuable storytelling real estate this late into a season where not much has been happening.

...and then the Espheni set up the greatest Midnight Pink Floyd Laser Light Show the universe has EVER seen!

…and then the Espheni set up the greatest Midnight Pink Floyd Laser Light Show the universe has EVER seen!

When we finally leave Tom’s fugue state and return to the streets of Charleston, we find that the Espheni mole (AKA Lourdes) has been hard at work.  She manages to detonate a bomb that nearly blows up Weaver.  People are starting to suspect that Peralta might be the mole, which I’m still not convinced isn’t the case, but if you look closely, you can see that Lourdes has a smug, knowing grin on her face whenever she thinks no one is looking.  The Mason Boys finally make it back to Charleston, even though wen we last saw them I thought they were headed to some other city, but whatever, I just write the reviews.

Season three so far really hasn’t been my favorite so far.  Back when the Second Mass was on the road, searching for a safe haven, it felt like the plot was actually moving along with them.  They were always on the move, which lent itself to easier storytelling.  Ever since they’ve settled down in Charleston, it seems like the story is kind of going nowhere.  Why have the Volm pretty much been ignored this entire season?  We see them here and there, but there’s no talk of them, we don’t understand them or learn anything about them even though that seems like that would be fairly fertile ground in terms of farming story plots.  I haven’t lost faith in the show though, I’m hoping for some big reveals to come out in these last two episodes of the season.  As always, you can check back here at some random point in the week, usually well after Sunday for a brand spanking new weekly Skitter Report though.  Tell you what, Evil Geeks: I even promise to have next week’s review out before Wednesday!

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The Pickett Line

The Pickett Line

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