TV From the Crypts: An Introduction to the Best Retired TV Shows

For those of you sci-fi/fantasy lovers, there are lots of great TV shows out there, many of which are being reviewed and discussed on this website (Falling Skies, The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, etc. etc.). But there is a population of us out there that doesn’t get to watch the shows as they appear on TV, either from lack of cable or in my case from working an insane and inconsistent schedule in the medical field meaning I can’t sit down and watch a show at the same time every week. I guess I could “TiVo” it but alas, not technologically advanced enough nor am I motivated enough. So how do I get my fill of sci-fi and fantasy TV shows? Thank god for the invention of blu-ray and DVD. I wait until a season is out on blu-ray, order it, and then get to watch an episode a night (or more), rapidly engulfing all of the wonders of the season in the course of a week.

But this does leave me a little behind the times on the shows that are currently out there, and leaves me with more time to watch other shows while I wait for the latest season of Falling Skies on blu-ray. And it’s let me look for old TV shows that I used to love on Amazon to rekindle my obsession with them. I am going to report to you about some of those “Oldie but goodies” here on this section of “Tales from the Crypts: An Introduction to the Best Retired TV Shows Out There”. Here I will tell you about TV shows that are no longer airing that I would strongly recommend you go out there and get the series to watch and re-watch.

I’ve got a lot I could and will eventually talk about, like Firefly, The X-Files, and Fringe. But let’s start with one that a lot of people probably have not heard of but really should look in to if you consider yourself a lover of sci-fi. Primeval. Do you like time travel? Do you like dinosaurs? Do you like aliens from the future? And best of all, do you like British accents? Then you are going to LOVE this series. It aired on the BBC from 2007-2011. There was a Canadian spin off that I haven’t watched yet from last year but hopefully will tell you about in the future. But this series is just great. To set the scene without giving much away: freak disappearances and strange animal sightings inspire a group of scientists, including some paleontologists, to investigate and eventually discover time anomalies in the space-time continuum leading to ripples in time where creatures from the past and future jump through and end up in present day England. The show takes some major turn of events in the first two seasons, but sticks with the overall great theme of trying to protect the present day and future world from either rampaging prehistoric species or future apocalyptic plans from the unexpected villain. Every episode has great action. And the geeky student Connor ends up being such a phenomenal character adding science and computer intelligence to controlling the anomalies in later seasons, while being a sweet and strangely cute dork. His love-interest, Abby, has some bitchy qualities but overall I can’t help but love her for her main goal throughout the series is just helping save and protect as many of these creatures that inadvertently land in the present day as she can. What can I say, I am an animal lover and healer myself, so she grows on me despite her bitchy and bossy demeanor.

So this is my first recommendation for you all to go research online and invest in it. I hope you enjoy the action as much as I did, meanwhile I will have to go search for Primeval: New World and hope that the lack of British accents is not too detrimental to the story line, aye?

-Lillith Assisi


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