Xeno-Phobia: A Prologue Of Sorts

Ever since I saw my first entry in the Alien franchise I’ve been obsessed with Xenomorphs. I’m legitimately fascinated by them. Here’s the problem though, I’ve only  seen Alien, Aliens and Prometheus. In all honest, I’ve been a little nervous to watch the other two movies…but that’s all about to change. I’ve committed myself to watching all 5 director’s cuts versions of the movies (not including the two Alien Vs. Predator movies) and write an accompanying review for each.


What makes this film series interesting is out of the 5 movies there are 4 different directors. That can’t bode well, but that’s exactly what I’m here to find out. I’ll be exploring the depths of the Weyland Corporation, Xenomorphs, outer space and the genre of Sci-Fi and how it’s evolved within the franchise as well as throughout the time period they were made (1979-2012).

Once this through the other Evil Geeks are going to have peel my off our leather couch as my skin is sure to be grafted onto it with an interesting concoction of sweat, booze and Cheetos dust. In the Evil Lair no one can hear you scream. Unless you have the room next to Arthur Harkness and he’s doing research for his Horror Of Horrors article….or at least that’s what he tells us.

Internet prepare yourself.


It begins.

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  1. Just to prepare you– those films only show stereotypes of us aliens. We are not all evil killers. Most of us are normal folks. I’m part alien, part human and part terminator. I’m just a normal teenager with no desire to kill humans!!

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