The Weekly Skitter Report: Be Silent and Come Out

Hey now my Evil Geek Brothers and Sisters, it’s a several days past Sunday, so that means C-Mart’s finally gotten off his lazy ass and cranked out the new Weekly Skitter Report!  Last week saw Tom and Pope acting out their own human version of Homeward Bound after they survived being shot down by the Espheni, in addition to Evil Hal doing something unknown yet surely untoward with Anne and Overlord-In-Training Alexis just before the sign off.  This week finds Evil Hal still in the driver’s seat, finally showing his true nature to the people of Charleston. Plus, Pope finally points out something that’s been on my mind ever since Hal was taken over by the alien bug implanted in his ear, but more on that later.  The teasers promised that this was the episode that was going to change EVERYTHING! So did it live up to that promise? Let’s find out, shall we?

Hal got buggered back at the end of last season by the Espheni, but the bug has been taking it slow, lying in wait this entire season.  The bug finally gets the starring role this week as it causes Hal to kidnap his father in order to find out what exactly is the weapon the Volm are building in secret.  Evil Hal holds Tom hostage while Weaver and the Berzerkers surround the building he’s camped out in.  Inside, Hal is torturing his father (in both the physical sense and surely the emotional sense as well) for information on the weapon.  After taking a few shots at Hal, Weaver dismisses Pope and his men because it seems like they’re a little bit too into trying to kill one of the Mason’s.  After exchanging some words with Weaver, the Berzerkers retire to Pope’s bar, The Pit, in order to get drunk and gamble on the outcome of Hal’s standoff with Weaver.  Pope has the odds for each possible outcome listed on a chalk board behind him, while he talks up the bettors.  It seems the favorite outcome is with one of the Masons dying in the standoff and the longshot is that both men survive.  Back at the standoff, the rest of the Masons as well as Maggie have managed to storm the building where Hal is holding Tom and confront him.  Hal gets distracted for a moment and everyone manages to rush for the gun, which goes off, leaving us on a dramatic cliffhanger for the commercial break.

Turns out no one really got hurt, but Evil Hal gets subdued in the fracas.  Word on the bug in Hal’s head is out, but there doesn’t seem to be any way to remove it or even be sure it hasn’t left his system somehow.  The Rebel Skitters tell Lourdes and Tom that they have a cure, but it’s extremely harsh, it’s untested on humans, with the added bonus of it being deadly to Hal if there is no bug present in his system any longer.  Not knowing what exactly will happen, Tom still decides that the best thing for his son would be to use the Skitter cure on him.  Back at the Pit, Pope is taking a secondary bet based on Hal’s surviving and the possible consequences he could now face.  The crowd likes Hal being tried for treason (maybe just a little…light treason), but the second favored outcome is that he walks away unpunished.  Pope starts spouting off about how if it were anyone else that were infected with an alien, they would have been killed, but since Hal is Tom Mason’s son, he’ll be afforded special treatment.  Just as Pope is in the middle of the rant, the crowd parts and goes silent as Weaver is revealed to be in the bar.  Being the badass he is, with a bar full of eyes fixed on him, Weaver saunters up to the bar, orders a scotch, downs it, then asks for another while the crowd watches in silence. 

Pope ends up looking like quite the ass, but he has a valid point.  If that were anyone else but one of the Masons, the best they could have hoped for would be getting caught and thrown into a jail cell for the rest of their life, only if they aren’t killed outright.  Hal ultimately walks away apparently unharmed by the bug and of course without punishment.  The show seems to stretch credibility sometimes with the amount of times the Mason family manages to come out of these crisis unscathed.  Sooner or later, the luck for the Mason family has to run out some time and there are a few places where they are vulnerable.  The big one of course being Anne and Alexis’ disappearance.  We know the Espheni have them, but we don’t know what it is they’ve done with them.  Clearly they have a use for Alexis, but surely Anne is expendable.  Could it be that Anne has been or will soon be killed?  Given the Mason’s track record, probably not.  The other area where the Mason’s could be facing a potential tragedy is the situation with Ben and the remnants of his Espheni harness.  He still has the spikes lodged in his spine which grant him enhanced abilities, but who the hell knows what the lasting effects will be on him.  Anne has previously warned that Ben’s augmented abilities could be significantly shortening his lifespan, but he has still not opted to have them removed.  I don’t know if they’d kill a kid on a show like this, but there HAS to be some kind of consequence for his decision at some point right?

After the incident with Evil Hal and with his girlfriend and child missing, Tom decides that he is stepping down as president and leaving Marina in charge.  She tells him that she’s going to run Charleston her own way, meaning that she’s going to confront the Volm about the machine they’ve been constructing.  At the very end of the episode, the entire Mason family leaves Charleston to strike out on their own and find their missing family members.  Was I the only one who thought it was kind of screwed up that Hal left Maggie behind?  I guess we’ll have to wait until next week to find out if Hal will face any consequences for that.  I think we know where the odds lie on that one, don’t we?  Keep your heads up until next time, Evil Geeks!

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