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Good day to you, my loyal subjects. I hope you all had a great holiday, and have now gotten back to work. Personally, I could have used a few more days in the lair to regroup and get my wicked machinations back into motion, but we do what must be done, and we go back to the grind. Fortunately though, I am more than just a man, I am a machine. A machine set upon this earth to provide for you all a multitude of suggestions and words written to entertain. Over the weekend, I was taking care of some unfinished business with Mr Torgue in Borderlands 2, and like always, I had NetFlix on in the background. I had already watched some Comedy Bang Bang (something you should all get into) and decided to switch over to something else. Being a huge Tim and Eric fan, I landed on the Billion Dollar Movie, and decided to keep it on. It occurred to me that most people I know, do not know of Tim and Eric, and honestly I don’t think would be able to handle it, but it is something to be watched and something to be admired. Shall I continue? As if there is any other choice…

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Most of you who are aware of Tim and Eric were introduced to them in their first show for Adult Swim; Tom Goes to the Mayor.  Tom Goes to the Mayor was literally the weirdest and most bizarre show that I had seen in a long time. Adult Swim being a network that showcased the weird and obscure, I was fairly used to the odd, but never as much so as with this pseudo cartoon show that made me feel so uncomfortable sometimes, that I needed to watch more of it. Unfortunately, Tom Goes to the Mayor didn’t last too long on Adult Swim. I am assuming it was lackluster viewership, but with shows like that you can speculate that it may have just been too weird for most people to handle, which is unfortunate because it was very good and the writing was fresh and strange, which we could all use a bit more of. All was not amiss though, as the canceling of Tom Goes to the Mayor gave our heroes the time and effort to make what I have to say is one of the best shows ever to grace televisions, and I am not exaggerating…. Tim and Eric’s Awesome Show: Great Job. If you could not tell from the title, it was fucking awesome.


Tim and Eric’s Awesome Show: Great Job was something born of absolute madness and brilliance by Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim. Combining green screen and extreme editing and cutting, the show was so fucking weird and absurd that it dragged its balls across the line that is part what the fuck, and part genius. It was an anomaly in the grand scheme of things mainly because it was nothing like I had ever seen. I would stay awake on Sunday nights with my buddies, who all had to work in the morning (including myself) but we had to stay up and watch it. We needed to. There is something to the way the show is presented and performed, that you stare in awe at the awkward moments and the sharp cutting and mixing that make it almost painful to watch, yet unbearable to look away. Tim and Eric have done for green screen what Peter Jackson has done for New Zealand. They made it fun again. And they made it weirder than anything else you have ever seen. Terry Gilliam would look at this and scream “What The Fuck?”

Tim and Eric’s Awesome Show: Great Job is no stranger to creating wonderfully weird characters and stories. From the below average spooky surpriser Spagett, to the constantly enamored with her boss Carol, the characters take on a life of their own in ways that shall we say, Don Draper of Mad Men would never be able to do. Don Draper may have that cool, calm, mostly collected demeanor about him, but he would never be able to don a creepy wig and squat behind a fern in plain view of everyone all the while trying to sneak up on them for a prank show. Actually, that would be pretty awesome….But it wouldn’t be as good. You can’t see him dressing up and making ads for Tim Mahanahan’s Child Clown Outlet either (hands down, one of the funniest sketched on the planet). The funny part about the entire show, is the fact that it ran for quite a while, and the show itself seems to be a message from Tim and Eric saying “HAHA..we just made you watch 6 seasons full of shit jokes and weird videos, and you all loved it”. In their defense, they would not be wrong. There would be times when my buddies and I would only speak in Tim and Eric quotes, and it would be the funniest goddamn thing on earth. Even the little things about the show would stick out like crazy and make everything seem so mundane and unoriginal when compared to Tim and Eric. I would be watching other shows like The Walking Dead, and I would be waiting, hope upon hope for Spagett to jump out of the woods and try to spook Rick and the gang. It would have made it so much better. (I love TWD ….just putting that out there) It’s a wonder that so many characters could be made, especially on the fly it seems, and become so awesome.

tim and eric awesome show great job

Tim and Eric announced that due to the popularity of the show, that they would be taking it on the road from some tour dates throughout the country, and I was lucky enough to go see them at the Nokia Theater in NYC. It was one of the most amazing things I had ever seen. The show started out with them in golden shiny track suits belting out a ten minute song about diarrhea and I was in love. You go to shows expecting to be entertained, but not this much. It was standing room only, and barely even that. The place was packed to the brim with Tim and Eric fans, and I was dead center in the thick of it. A marvelous theater of the outlandish and crazy, it made me happy to see so many people into it and filing in to see them live. It gave hope for more seasons or a movie, and what we got was both. The movie itself is so absurd and ridiculous, that even I could barely handle it. Tim and Eric would have multiple celebrity appearances on the show, but they got quite a few more for the movie. Too many to list really, but I’ll at least list of Will Forte and Will Ferrell, mainly because they feature heavily into the narrative, along with Robert Loggia. When I say this movie is fucked up and awesome, you know I am not lying to you. With a few choice segments and super, super awkward moments:  such as the most uncomfortable sex scene you will ever encounter, and a piercing segment during a drunken tirade that will literally make you never want to take your dick out ever again, the movie makes the most of the time it is given. I honestly can’t even say too much more about it, because you would have no idea what I am talking about. Sometimes I question myself when speaking about the movie, because the descriptions I give just cannot be real.


I simply cannot tell you all how much I love this show and everything these guys do. Not content to sit around and make the shows that other people tell them to do, Tim and Eric shake their dicks and middle fingers to the general population and say in a voice louder than a cannon;” We do whatever the fuck we want, and you will love us for it”. Which I cannot disagree with. Tim and Eric still have projects out there, and Tim and Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie is on Netflix and at a store near you. As well as all the seasons, and Tom Goes to the Mayor. I don’t think I can tell you guys enough to go and check these out if you haven’t already. And if you have seen it, then Rats off to ya!!

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