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Hey there Evil Geeks!  There comes a time in every gamer’s life when they find themselves separated from the thing they love the most: their console or PC.  Stranded, without opportunity for gaming, the true gamer would shrivel and die when confronted with this hellish reality.  Thankfully we live in a world of advanced mobile technology; where anyone can carry a portable gaming system with them wherever they go!  Recently I’ve fallen down the rabbit hole that is Avengers Alliance by Playdom Games.  So how does this free app play?  Read on to find out!

Avengers Alliance is the basic RPG that any Marvel Zombie could have wished for.  You can pick and choose which ever Avengers you want to form your team, but you’re not just getting your big name Avengers, you’re also getting some deep cuts from the roster!  You won’t find Black Knight or Jack of Hearts, but if you told me right before I started playing this game that Sif would be one of my go to characters, I’d have called you a liar in the most offensive way possible.  You get to choose a team of three, but unfortunately you’re forced to play as a generic SHIELD Agent which takes up one of the slots, allowing for only two Avengers to accompany him.  The Agent isn’t exactly the most deadly or interesting character, but there’s a decent amount of customization to be had so you can mold your little faceless agent into a nasty killing machine with the right gear and upgrades.  It would have been nice if you could pick a team of all Avengers, but whatever; the agent doesn’t really take anything away from the game.  You start out the game with a small roster of characters and as you progress you earn tokens with which you can purchase more characters.  The character tokens aren’t really flowing freely, so if you want a bigger roster immediately, you’ll have to shell out some additional cash through in app purchases to get more tokens.  The news is doubly bad if you want a big name character.  The B and C listers like Iron Fist or Black Cat will run you anywhere from 15 to 23 tokens, but for marquee names like Spidey or the Hulk you’ll need to cough up 90 tokens to take them into battle.

The game play for Avengers Alliance is pretty basic, but that doesn’t mean it’s entertaining.  It’s essentially a classic, turn-based RPG, stripped down to its most basic element: the battles.  It’s like Final Fantasy without all the walking around or the cool airships.  The main action involves the RPG style battle and the in between parts center around the map of whatever chapter of the game you might happen to be playing.  You’ll see areas where battles of varying difficulties can be found and the only thing you’ll need to do to hop into a brawl is touch that part of the map.

Each character can earn up to four different powers.  Some might be offensive powers, some defensive, or you may have a heal or a buff.  There are a several different classes of characters: generalists (of course your generic agent starts off as one of these), blasters, scrappers, bruisers, infiltrators, or tacticians.  Some classes may work better against other classes, while at the same time being less affective against others.  Each battle gains your characters XP and when they earn enough, they can train themselves up to a new level.  New levels unlock additional character powers or slots for upgrades.  Aside from the haul of XP points, you’ll also find that some baddies drop items like weapons or supplies that could be useful in another battle.  First Aid Kits, Hand Grenades, Stamina Refill Kits, all can be had either through battle or via a store that is accessible between missions.

Another neat little feature that you’ll also have access to is the SHIELD Helicarrier’s flight deck, as well as a fleet of quinjets which can be used to send your Avengers into battle on your down time.  Before you put the game down for a few hours, you can send your heroes out on timed missions that will earn you some extra spending cash and some additional XP.  It’s a good way to make up the cash which you’ll need to train your Avengers.  It’d be nice if these side missions also earned you some character tokens, but alas there are none to be had.

If you’re looking for a game that’s a total time killer, which will consume your every waking moment, then you’ll probably want to keep looking.  Avengers Alliance is a bare bones RPG, that’s perfect for Avengers fanboys and girls to kill some time here and there throughout the day.  You’ll find yourself picking up your mobile device and playing several times a day, but I wouldn’t go so far as to say it’s an addiction for me right now.  If you love the Avengers and you’ve got a serious jones on for some old school RPG action that snag the free Avengers Alliance app today!  That’s all the mobile gaming info we’ve got for you today, but remember to check back soon for another What’s APPenig!

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