The Weekly Skitter Report: Search and Recovery

falling-skies-search-and-recoveryHello Evil Geeks and welcome to another installment of the weekly breakdown of all things Espheni: The Weekly Skitter Report!  Last week saw us evaluating new allies and re-examining old friendships as the theme of “Trust” was closely examined in the post-invasion world.  We got left with a pretty big cliffhanger as the Volm ambassador known as Cochise was hustled aboard President Hathaway’s plane in the middle of an Espheni attack, while President Mason tried to make a safe getaway in his own plane.  Shockingly, the plane carrying Tom, Pope, and General Bressler was shot down.  The previews showed us Tom and Pope heading out on a Bob Hope/Bing Crosby style “Road to Charleston” buddy, traveling comedy, so let’s see if the this Odd Couple can make it home without killing each other first.

Peter Jackson really took some liberties with the way he depicted the Ring Wraiths.

Not really a big spoiler here, but judging by the fact that Matt Frewer wasn’t in the previews for this episode, it’s safe to say he won’t be surviving the plane crash and sure enough, he doesn’t.  Oh well.  Bressler buys it in basically the same manner as Wash at the end of Serenity.  At least this will free Matt Frewer up to focus on his role as Aldous Leaky in the badass Canadian import by way of the BBC Orphan Black (seriously if you haven’t seen it, go check it out.  It’s a great watch that completely sneaks up on you, getting you hooked within the first few episodes).  This leaves Mason and Pope, who aren’t exactly on the best of terms right now, to fend for themselves.  Bressler was a key part of Charleston’s army, so the real impact of his loss might not be felt until the resistance’s next major battle.  Tom and Pope of course mange to survive, setting them off on a treacherous journey, both in a physical sense and an emotional one.  Aside from dodging the Skitters who’re hot on their trail and battling through the forrest they find themselves stranded in, the men eventually come to blows over their shared dislike of each other.

For a moment it seemed like the men were finding common ground, each exchanging stories about their past (Tom had kind of a screwed up childhood and Pope once killed a guy in front of his son, but still sounds very human and relatable after you hear the details).  The men even go so far as to pull knives on each other and one of them probably would have ended up killing the other if the Skitters hadn’t shown up.   Hey, who knew Tom Mason could wield a butterfly knife the way he did?!?!  Despite the tension between them, deep down inside Tom and Pope really do care about each other.  When their plane initially crashed, Tom saved Pope’s life by dragging his unconscious body out of the burning wreckage, when he easily could’ve left him to die.  Later on when Tom injures his ankle and is unable to walk, Pope returns the favor by saving Tom’s ass just as he was about to be offed by some Skitters.  By the end of the episode, the men are on equal ground again, with a deeper mutual respect between them.  Although if you ask Pope, he’d say the only reason he saved Tom, is because Tom owes him a new plane.  It was interesting to see these two make up and play nice with each other, but despite being the main story of the episode, to me it seemed like a secondary story at best.  Sure Bressler’s death is significant, but it’s glossed over while the bulk of the episode focuses on the dynamic between Tom and Pope.  With everything going on regarding Cochise’s abduction, Hal’s freaky brain probe, as well as the situation with Anne and her alien baby, who really gives a shit if Tom and Pope get along?  This probably means Pope will play some key role in a future battle, but these are two guys who’re probably never going to get along just because of the tremendous differences in their personalities, so it feels like we’re wasting time watching the two of them learn to play nice.

falling-skies-season-3-episode-5-search-and-recovery-2Back in Charleston, word has gotten about Anne’s shady escape.  Congrats to Dr. Kadar for not dying at Anne’s hands; it would seem he has the ability to eat wrenches to the face like Popeye with a can of spinach.  Kadar and Lourdes tell Weaver what happened with Anne knocking them each out, plus Kadar also tells them that Alexis is a human/Espheni hybrid.  Weaver wants to organize a search party to find Anne and Alexis, but Marina Peralta, Tom’s assistant/vice president reigns him in.  Peralta is in charge while Tom’s away and she doesn’t think Charleston can spare the manpower to go search for Anne (it might actually be because she has a big old crush on Weaver, but that still remains to be confirmed).  Peralta also has some concerns not only with Alexis’ hybrid nature, but also with the weapon that the Volm are building.  She’s somehow gotten her hands on pictures of the construct, which she brings to Dr. Kadar in order for him to study them so he can possibly identify what it’s true purpose might be.  Based on his initial observations, Kadar thinks that the Volm are being slightly less than honest about what the machine is to be used for.  Peralta lies to Kadar telling him that she has Tom’s blessing to look into to it which kind of sets off some red flags for me.  How in the hell did she get the pics of the Volm weapon?  She claims to be acting in the best interests of Charleston, which immediately makes me distrust her even more.  In case anyone’s forgotten, there’s still a murderous mole slinking around Charleston and quite honestly I think that mole is Peralta.  She’s a new character this season, appearing seemingly out of nowhere.  When the mole killed Arthur, his reaction to learning the mole’s identity indicated disbelief.  Seeing Peralta leveling a gun at him would surely cause Arthur some desbelief.  She seems like an innocuous person, with no ill intentions, seemingly incapable of murder.  She says to Weaver that she used to have a family, which I think is telling.  I think she’s inquiring about the Volm weapon not on behalf of the people of Charleston, but instead on behalf of the Espheni, possibly because they are holding her family or maybe have her kids in harnesses. If she gets the invaders what they want, she gets her family back.  It’s an interesting theory, but we’ll have to wait to see how it plays out.

The Weekly Skitter Report, now featuring 500% more horse’s asses. C-Mart’s not the only one anymore!

Weaver eventually leads a search party consisting of the Mason Boys, Maggie, and Weaver’s daughter Jeanne.  Not much really happens on that front; it’s basically Will Patton running around some ruins with a bunch of teenagers.  They never actually find Anne or Alexis, but they do find a corpse that looked a whole lot like Anne.  Even after they said it wasn’t her I still wasn’t sold.  Even though Weaver’s group has  only been granted 24 hours to search for Anne and the baby, they still stop to take the time to bury the body.  I realize that’s the humane thing to do, but tactically speaking with that time restriction in place, it might not have been the best move.  We’re left to wonder until next week what happened to Anne, even though Hal knows what happened because he was there when she was captured.  Come on you jerk, just tell us already!!!  Also, where the bloody hell is Cochise?  Hathaway snatched him at the end of last episode and who knows what he’s got planned for him.  Chances are Cochise has a date with a vivisection or some procedure equally horrible.  I guess you’ll have to tune in next time to find out.   That’s all we got for today Evil Geeks, we’ll see you next week with an all new Weekly Skitter Report!

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