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Greetings Evil Geeks!  It’s Summertime, so that means sun, pools, BBQ’s, beaches, and a whole host of other outdoor activities…for most folks.  There are those of us who’d describe ourselves as “Avid Indoorsmen or Indoorswomen” for whom Summertime means spending hours on end in beautifully air-conditioned rooms, surrounded by flat screens and all the latest gaming technology.  In What’s Killing My Social Life This Week, we take a minute to examine all the latest and greatest games that are officially keeping us indoors, sun-averse,  and generally socially isolated.  Even in today’s world where we seem to have a new comic book or graphic novel adapted movie hitting theaters every week, it’s still kind of rare to get a superhero game.  This week’s topic of discussion is no ordinary superhero though, oh no.  We’re dealing with a whole new class of sort-of-hero.  Part scoundrel, part psycho, entirely f@#$ing badass! It’s the Regeneratin’ Degenerate. The Merc With a Mouth. The one, the only, the bat-shit crazy DEADPOOL!!!  Deadpool’s latest game from Activision and High Moon Studios just hit stores last Tuesday, and I think I’ve spent at least half of those past six days planted in front of my TV racking up a bigger body count that the black plague.  I’m an enormous Deadpool fan, so this game would’ve had to REALLY suck for me to hate it, but read on to get my honest impressions of the game!

Lounging around watching TV? Deadpool’s just like us!

The plot of Wade Wilson’s first solo video game outing is pretty simple and straightforward; well…it’s as simple and straightforward as a story about a character who’s considerably less than sane and who’s playing host to at least 3 personalities at any given time.  Deadpool’s been begging for a game for a while now and after finally seeing the light (the “light” being a few pounds of C4 Wade managed to plant at High Moon’s HQ”), it seems the big wigs at High Moon are finally giving Wade what he wants.  The game starts off with Deadpool getting the script to his own game, then follows him as he proceeds to make edits to it all while actually acting it out.  It’s typical Wade Wilson style, 4th wall breaking comedy and I’m happy to report that the game manages to capture that manic, offensive, and completely crazy humor that the comic is known for.  Deadpool is basically a hyper-violent, uber-psychotic Bugs Bunny and the game holds nothing back in the humor department, easily earning its Mature rating.  The Deadpool of the game is mostly the normal Marvel U Deadpool, with a splash of his MAX Comics personality thrown in to boot.  He’s much more vulgar and profane than his normal self, but is still the miscreant we all know and love/hate.  The 4th wall dynamic really works well in the video game, as several times throughout the course of the adventure the game’s budget becomes an issue for the producers at High Moon.  It seems having Wade around, blowing up pretty much anything he can get his hands on and even crashing the X-Men’s Blackbird, costs BIG, BIG bucks. As a result of the budgetary issues, the gameplay reverts to old school games like Metal Gear Solid or even the original Legend Of Zelda so High Moon can save a few bucks.


Also tagging along with Deadpool for the ride are several members of the X-Men (more specifically members of Uncanny X-Force, but hey…it’s all in the X family as far as we’re concerned!).  Throughout the game Wade encounters and fantasizes about X-Ladies Rogue, Psylocke, and Domino (it seems Wade also might have a thing for Gambit also, but that’s for Wade to figure out).  Also showing up are Wolverine, whom Deadpool gets to bitch slap the shit out of at one point, and time travelling Cable, who’s desperately trying to get Wade to help him with a battle in the present day, that will help Cable win another decisive battle in the future.  The heroes aren’t the only ones budgeted for cameos in this game either, as we get to see several members of the Marauders, in addition to the big bad of the game himself: Mr. Sinister!  Seriously, could this game BE any more 90’s!  The only thing missing was a cameo from Trevor Fitzroy or Shinobi Shaw…and maybe a chromium cover or two with a hologram panel attached.


The graphics are pretty solid but nothing ground breaking; by no means are they horrible though.  I particularly love the look of the action as Wade slices and dices his way through Sinister’s forces.  In some of the larger battles, I swear it was like there was nothing but a cartoonish cloud of fists, guns, and blades as Deadpool works his way through a swarm of thugs, with jokes and limbs flying everywhere in equal measure..  There were a few places in the game when I’d find myself in the middle of massive melee and the camera angle would get a little screwy or even give me an angle behind some background scenery, obstructing my view of the action.  It was annoying, but not enough to ruin the experience; it was a rare, but still noticeable flaw.  I really love how Deadpool’s costume takes battle damage as you fight, adding a little bit of realism to the absurdly surreal world of Wade Wilson.


As far as the gameplay, the action honestly can’t be beat.  The fighting system is somewhat similar to Ninja Gaiden or Devil May Cry (ironically Dante and Deadpool are two of the three guys on my “Go To” team in Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3), in which the focus is to rack up huge combos, alternating between your guns and blades to spice things up a bit.  One power that I absolutely love is Deadpool’s ability to teleport.  It’s immensely fun to pop in and out of groups of enemies, slicing them to ribbons before they even realize what’s happening.  The leveling up system is great as well, adding a bit of an RPG element to the game.  Wade starts off kind of slow and clunky, but as you develop skills and acquire weapons throughout the game, by the time you get to the end Wade is an unstoppable powerhouse.  I’m at a point where it’s not out of the ordinary for me to rack up 200+ hit combos.  One thing that I really wish they would have added were destructable environments.  How cool would it have been to be able to blast through walls or drop a building on a group of baddies?!?! If High Moon is keeping notes for the sequel, definitely add that one.  Aside from the story mode, there’s also a challenge mode where you have to hack your way through waves of bad guys of varying degrees. This mode is really helpful in getting to know the ins and outs of controlling Deadpool.  Two things that are noticeably missing from the game are a lack of costume choices and a multiplayer mode.  Granted, Deadpool doesn’t have the most dazzling array of costumes to choose from, but I think that there’s enough variation for there to have been some unlockable costumes for us to earn.  The multiplayer would have been crucial though.  How cool would it have been to have a bunch of Wades battling it out in a deathmatch type of game.  Heck, they even could have explained all the extra Wades as being clones from when the Skrulls tried to copy his powers back during the Secret Invasion!  High Moon Studios gave us some amazing multiplayer action with their Transformers games and a little touch of that would have gone a long way the replayability of this game.  The challenges are enough to keep me coming back occasionally, but the multiplayer mode would have turned this into an addiction.

If you’re a Deadpool fanboy or fangirl, then this is a can’t miss title.  It’s packed with non-stop action and the trademark style of humor that makes any Deadpool book and enjoyable read.  The fighting is super fast and almost does not stop until the final showdown with Sinister.  It’s packed with inside references to the comics and again, that insane sense of humor that spills from the depraved mind of Deadpool.  If you’re not familiar with the character, but you’re still looking for a great action title, then I can again recommend Deadpool, but not without warning you that the campaign probably won’t take you that long to beat.  I was playing on Veteran and kicking some serious ass, but the tables turned when I switched it to the harder setting, so maybe turning it up a notch will keep you playing longer.  A fantastic play though from start to finish!  I really hope that this game does well enough to warrant a sequel, or at least some additional DLC (mutltiplayer PLEASE!!!!), because with a little tweaking here and there this could be a legendary series.  That’s all we got for today Evil Kiddos, but stop back soon for another new What’s Killing My Social Life This Week!  CHIMICHANGAS!!!!

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