The Weekly Skitter Report: At All Costs

Ahoy-hoy Evil Geeks, it’s time for an albeit delayed, yet still full of recapped goodness, all-new Weekly Skitter Report!  In the immortal words of Prince om the 1989 Batman soundtrack “TRUST! Who do ya?”  This weeks ep of Falling Skies was all about who can and can’t be trusted.  There are of course people you know can be trusted 100%, Tom Mason being first and foremost of that class; then there are some people who you know CAN’T be trusted, like Hal with his alien, bug, probe thingy stuck in his ear.  Even this far into the story there are some people (or more accurately, Beings), that you really don’t know who they’re actually loyal to or what their true intentions are .  Read on to find out who shakes out on what side of the trust line. Be warned though… the answers might shock you!

After the combined forces of Charleston lay down a straight-up beating on the Espheni, Kathrine (the soldier captured last week who claimed to be working for the real President of the US) is starting to think that just MMMMMAAAAAAYYYYYBBBBEEEE that Tom, his army, and even the Volm, just may be good allies to have around.  The Volm weapons are integral in the humans victory, demonstrating to Kathrine the reason that these new aliens should be trusted.  She gets Tom in touch with President Hathaway (or as I’ve been referring to him: President Dennis and Dee’s dad from It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia), so the two men can meet face to face.  They schedule a meet up and soon enough everyone’s on their way to a meet & greet at an old airfield.  Tom has to negotiate the use of an aircraft from an increasingly distrusting of the establishment Pope.  Pope is becoming more and more at odds with Tom, especially after Crazy Lee’s death last episode, but with a little arm twisting Tom is able to persuade Pope to lend them the plane on the condition that Pope be allowed to go along with them.  If I were Tom, I honestly don’t know how much I’d trust Pope at this point.  Sure Pope has fought alongside him for a while now, but Tom knows that Pope isn’t happy and given Pope’s past it’s entirely conceivable that he could turn on Tom for his own personal gain.

For the most part, someone being President of the US is usually a reason to trust them, but to quote another great man, this time Frank Costanza, in reference to President Hathaway “This guy… This guy is not my kinda guy.”   Tom brings Cochise to the meeting with Hathaway as a representative of the Volm.  The Volm have demonstrated that they’re dedicated to helping the humans fight the Espheni and proved that they earned the respect of a true ally.  So how is Cochise greeted upon exiting the plane? With guns drawn followed by a dash of being thrown in handcuffs.  In other words, the US Army treated Alien Cochise pretty much the same way they treated Native American Cochise.  Hathaway keeps trying to reassure Tom that they mean Cochise no harm, but then they keep altering the deal here and there.  At the end of the episode, Cochise is even forced onto Hathaway’s plane instead of leaving with his friends as the Espheni close in on the meeting.  Which brings up something that occurred to me after I watched the episode for a second time: Hathaway’s people do their best to insinuate that Cochise is the one who led the Eshpeni to the meeting point, but how do we know it wasn’t Hathaway’s people?  Can we be sure that they haven’t cut a deal with the Espheni to hand over Tom?  Hathaway says that everyone else fighting the Espheni haven’t had nearly as much success as Tom and the 2nd Mass have, plus it’s not unheard of for humans to work with the Espheni against other humans, so it’s ENTIRELY possible that Hathaway is the one who sold them out.

Cochise later explains the Volm’s reason for helping the humans fight the Espheni; because they lost their own home planet to the Espheni, but someday hope to reclaim it.  The Volm have lived on spaceships for hundreds of years, traveling from planet to planet helping others fight the Espheni.  He tells them that he would never be able to see it, but it’s possible that someday his great-grandchildren might be able to.  His story is pretty compelling and seems on the up and up, but if you look closely… I think you can see a crack.  He says that he’s never going to be able to see his planet; if that’s the case, where does he plan on living?  If you’ve been living in a filthy spaceship your entire life, wouldn’t you jump at the chance to inhabit a planet like Earth?  Sure that might sound a little Terra-centric, but this place has got to be better than some ancient spaceship.  Think about how bad it smells on a plane by the end of a flight, now multiply that by hundreds of years.  It’s got to smell like a thousand corpses ran a marathon through the streets of Rio in the summertime whilst covered in Gorgonzola cheese and gorilla shit.  His reasons seem genuine, but that damn rebel Skitter from the first episode who told Ben not to trust the Volm is just clawing away my brain!  I badly want to trust them, but who knows what the hell is going on with that giant, unspecified “Weapon” that they’re building.

Surprise, surprise! Guess who can’t be trusted: Tom’s baby momma and doctor extraordinaire Anne Glass!  Normally I’d say that Anne’s nearly as trustworthy a character as Tom, but yeah… she kind of goes off the reservation here.  She takes a sample of the clearly alien child’s DNA to the not at all creepy Dr. Kadar for analysis along with that of some of the kids who’ve been completely de-harnessed.   Dr. Kadar finds that Alexis’ human DNA is mixed up with alien DNA and reacts the way any not crazy mom would, by cracking him across the face with a huge f@#%ing wrench.  I’m hoping she didn’t kill him, but that dude’s going to be eating an ungodly amount of pudding for the foreseeable future.  Anne tops that feat when she grabs up all the DNA samples, runs upstairs, slips Lourdes a roofie and skips town with Alexis in tow.  She makes it all of about 5 feet out of Charleston before she’s set upon by a band of alien controlled humans, led by Hal.  Way to go Anne; she betrays two people who trusted her and ends up getting her baby stolen away.

It looks like next week we’re going to get a bottle episode featuring Tom and Pope trying to get back to Charleston after their plane crashes.  Wackiness is sure to ensue as this odd couple is forced to work together as they stumble home after a crazy night out crash landing planes!  Laughs are surely to be had by all, so stop back next week for another Weekly Skitter Report!

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