Cover Of The Day 6/22/13

The Superior Spider-Man is one of the best series that is being published by Marvel. The idea of Dock Ock swapping bodies with Peter Parker seemed kind of lame and heavy handed to me at first. Dan Slott has been definitely proven me wrong. In a way it’s still the webslinger we know and love and the stories are full of adventure, but there’s also an undercurrent of violence, anger and confusion. Octavious has proved to be a more efficient if not deadlier Spider-Man than his predecessor. Simply put, it’s refreshing.

With a new take on an established character like this it has allowed the art team to make changes and updates to the classic Spider-Man costume. The team rotates between Ryan Stegman, Giuseppe Gamuncoli and Humberto Ramos. With 12 issues already on the shelf there has been a handful of excellent covers to choose from. The one we are highlighting today is issue #10 by Marcos Martin.
I think this cover sums up the series pretty well. It’s a very a clean and simple image. You can identify that it’s Spider-Man, but there’s something wrong. There’s an extra edge to it that makes it feel menacing. He looks angry which isn’t something can be easily conveyed when the subject has a mask on.

If you haven’t picked it up yet, do yourself a favor and check it out!

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