Robert Downey Jr. Officially Suits up for Avengers 2 & Avengers 3

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Well the word is out! Marvel and Disney have announced that Robert Downey Jr. has officially signed on to star in both Avengers 2 and Avengers 3! All I can say is: “Thank You God!” As the world knows, Downey’s contract was up after the very popular and profitable Iron Man 3 this May and for a brief moment there I actually was afraid that the studio would cheap out on the blockbuster franchise and try to save a buck by not bringing him back, especially with the way that Iron Man 3 ended. But the nerd gods have shined on us and we’ve got our likable yet egotistical Tony Stark back!

For awhile there it seemed touch and go as many stars of the franchise were not making the bucks that they had hoped to after the movie rocketed to the #3 highest-grossing movie of all time. Downey was sticking with his fellow cast-members plight even going on talk shows like The Daily Show and telling Jon Stewart that his days of playing Tony Stark were over! Then Whedon recently said in an interview that he had no intention of making a sequel without Downey because “He is Iron Man.”


The contract that was negotiated by CAA (for an undisclosed amount of money) only mentioned the two Avengers movies though. So does this mean that we’ve seen the last installment of Iron Man? Before the third one I felt I was sick with the character, but I loved Iron Man 3 so much that I wouldn’t mind watching another one myself! In fact, check out what both C-Mart and I had to say about Iron Man 3 in our now famous “Podcast in a Bottle” to hear the love we both had for this movie and the character itself.


So Fanboys and Geekgirls; does this make you happy? Are you down for more Downey and do you want to see an Iron Man 4? Let us know in the comments. Until next time True Believers!

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