The Justice League Trumps the Legion!

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In what I felt was somewhat a controversial move, DC canned Legion of Super Heroes last month. Don’t get me wrong, I understand because I’ve even shared with my boy Kang that I’ve always wanted to be into the Legion, but just couldn’t get find my way with them. I like the characters, in fact I like them a lot, but just couldn’t get hooked despite trying multiple times. Anyway, DC has announced that it’s replacing the title with Justice League 3000! The title will include new takes on Batman, Supes, Wonder Woman, GL, and The Flash!


The books being handled by the classic Justice League team of Keith Giffen, JM DeMatteis and Kevin Maguire!!! I’m officially excited to say the least. I really hope that DC takes the opportunity to put the Legion on the bench and really figure out a way to use them well. I’ve always liked when they worked with Superboy or even when they traveled back into the past to work with “our” heroes. Either way DC, lets get a plan together to make the Legion awesome! Check out these images from Howard Porter (who I’m a big fan of too,) of the reimagined looks of our favorite heroes. (Many thanks to CBR for posting them…) Glad they left The Flash a ginger!






An actual date hasn’t been set yet, but rumors swirling around are saying that we’ll see the book sometime in the Fall. Sounds like a great book to premier at New York Comic Con (hint, hint :).)

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  1. Great costumes! I specially like the headgear of Batman and The Flash. Which Green Lantern are they using? Hal Jordan?

  2. I don’t get a Doc Doom vibe really at all t be honest. But I am really note rested in The Flash! God, I hope the red hair means Wally West (who ties with Bats as my favorite ever!) 🙂

  3. haha I was kind of thinking the same thing. I really enjoy the flash costume though….lantern looks almost like the Spectre and Doom mixed together

  4. Anyone else think the Green Lantern design looks a little too similar to Doctor Doom?

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