Nintendo Shows off it’s Stuff at E3 2013!

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E3 is still going strong and Nintendo dropped a couple bombs on us yesterday!
Let’s take a look see…

Mario Kart 8
Nintendo made an official announcement for the racing classic for the Wii U. The new game introduces a hover kart aspect that automatically turns on in certain stages and also brings back the bikes that were last seen in Mario Kart Wii to go along with the karts. Online play is planned to be pushed in this version and will allow players around the world to compete with one another through the Miiverse! Mario Kart 8 is set to be released for the Wii U in Spring 2014 and you can take a look at the trailer right here…

Super Smash Bros.
A major player will be entering the Super Smash Bros. arena in the next launch, none other than the fan-favorite Capcom staple Mega Man! Along with Mega Man, The Villager from Animal Crossing will be a playable character as well. Both will bring with them weapons and moves unique to their respective franchises and Mega Man also plans to bring mans best friend to play too; his faithful dog Rush! Super Smash Bros. is set to be released on both the Wii U and the 3DS sometime in 2014. Check out this sneak peak right here…

The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds
What would an E3 be without a Zelda, right? A Link Between Worlds is a 3DS game and it’s the sequel to A Link to the Past (which you may remember as being our #1 Nintendo game of all time!) Now we’re used to always getting an updated environment in new Zelda games, but this game gives us an exact replica to the Super Nintendo’s Hyrule, just with some updated 3D graphics. In this version Link can flatten himself like a cartoon and literally walk right alongside a wall, which is odd but cool because you just know that it’ll become useful during gameplay. A Link Between Worlds is set to be released sometime in the end of 2013. you can take a look at the gameplay footage at E3 right here…

OK, thats all for now nerds. We’ll keep you informed over the next couple of days of all the news coming out of E3!

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