Evil Geeks Art Gallery – Greek Tragedy

It’s been some time since we last toured the extensive collection of the Brotherhood of Evil Geeks, hasn’t it?  Our featured opus today is a reproduction of a favorite comic moment among our crew. And, no, it hasn’t got anything to do with Peter Parker’s formative years, it’s the classic scene from Frank Miller’s unforgettable Daredevil run in which Elektra bites the big one.


He gave her eleven inches and made it hurt.

And while it was a surprising and emotionally loaded moment that shook the comics world to its core, the a rt of Frank Miller is not for everyone.  It’s certainly not without its charm, but the way in which he rigidly conforms to the traditional conventions of human anatomy?  A true artist does not limit his or herself in such a way.  So, I approached the two finest artists that I (and mankind) know; Messrs Biff Tannen and Arthur Harkness.  I gave them each a plain brown envelope full of unmarked, non-sequential bills along with their newest assignment.  Three hours later, my manservant interrupted my Tae Bo lessons (Billy Blanks is my close friend and personal trainer) with two fresh pieces of art, still warm from the artists’ touch.


Biff Tannen conveys an insanity in the expression on Bullseye’s face that simply could not have been restricted to actual dimension of a human face.  Miller’s attempt in showing the perverse elation in the killer’s eyes pales in comparison to the almost orgasmic joy in this perfected vision!

elektradeathtonyNow, Arthur Harkness’ rendition is, as usual, slightly more true to the source material. He does give the audience a sense that Bullseye’s murder of Elektra was not simply motivated by a desire to be the Kingpin’s top assassin, but in fact a misdirected hate crime, aimed at Macedonians yet inadvertently enacted upon a Greek.

So, I inserted the originals into the Collabotron’s mouth slot, poured in a quart of toner and two measures of rye and went to see a movie to kill some time.  I got back late, so I decided to crash and check the results in the morning.  Now, I suppose it was foolish to check the results at 9:00 AM sharp. The timing makes me unsure of the nature of my excitement… the raging erection I had may very well have been my usual “wake up call from the front desk”, or it may have been caused by this gorgeous sight….


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