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Welcome back everyone to another edition of Villain Spotlight! I must confess that the spotlight has been very scifi/comics/action movie heavy since its inception, and I figured today would be a good day to dish out a little bit of comedy for you guys. Don’t worry, it’s still a villainous affair, but it will have a certain kind of flavor to it….shall we say…a little bit of the rye flavor? Ladies and gentlemen, I bring to you to splendor that is Trailer park supervisor Jim Lahey and Weekend Supervisor Randy. Grab a drink and black out because this one is going to be real fucky.

​The Trailer Park Boys is a Canadian television series that premiered back in the mid 2000’s and introduced us to many recurring and ridiculous characters. Whether it be the main trio of Ricky, Julian and Bubbles, or characters like J-Roc and T, the park is rarely short of entertainment. Our trio is constantly on the lookout for easy money, cheap booze and great dope, which you can assume leads to all sorts of shenanigans. The boys make Sunnyvale Trailer Park a mass of fucked up schemes and drunken antics that make me wish I lived in Sunnyvale….but not for too long. The boys really just want to make some money and make sure to have enough to buy some new clothes, school supplies for Ricky’s daughter, and all the booze and dope they can handle, but hounding them every step of the way is Supervisor Jim Lahey and his Associate Supervisor (Former weekend supervisor) Randy…who does not have a last name, or a shirt, so we will slap a Bobandy after Randy. It’s what God would have done.

lahey and randy 1

Lahey and Randy appear the second that Ricky gets released from jail in the first season, and in that one meeting, you are given a glimpse at the sheer ridiculousness and amazing portrayals of these two characters by John Dunsworth and Pat Roach as Lahey and Randy respectively. Out of all the characters on the show, Lahey and Randy are tantamount to the success of the show. I love the boys, but you cannot disagree that Randy and Lahey provided the fuel for their shitshow fires. Lahey and Randy , on the other side of the coin, just want Sunnyvale to be a peaceful and nice place to live , and they will do anything and everything, even threatening to kill the boys, to keep Sunnyvale the way they like it. Lahey, the older balding man is the more clever of the two, being a disgraced police officer and all, whereas Randy, a former male prostitute by the name of Smokey, has a gut that would make the gods envious. I will provide pictures, and I can only hope to acquire something so graceful and epic in my lifetime. Ever the strategist, Lahey concocts plans in a drunken stupor while Randy keeps his drinks filled to the brim with courage and ideas. The boys are not the most respectful or the most sober, so it is understandable that dealing with them could drive someone to constant drinking and plotting. Its an amazing feat in its own right that they haven’t blown the place the fuck up yet.


The sorts of schemes that the boys get into make Lahey have to think on his feet, which isn’t too easy as he is constantly drunk, and he attempts to outsmart and outwit them at every turn. I am going to take this opportunity to say that John Dunsworth’s acting is superb. Truly it is. This sort of show is made up mostly of improv situations, and Dunsworth is a natural. The way he reacts and proactively engages with the boys is something to behold. I have never seen a person play a drunk man so well and so often. You would think that he was legitimately drunk the whole time, and I am not saying that he was, but it definitely seemed so due to his spot on portrayal. Pat Roach also needs to be given credit as he seemed a bit uneasy towards the first season, but really came into his own towards the later seasons. It usually takes a while for people to get into their roles when acting, and much like the entire show itself, seemed to hit a proper stride a bit down the road. Pat Roach does an amazing job as Randy in terms of his love for Lahey (oh, if I didn’t mention it earlier, they are both bisexual lovers with each other, and it is genuinely the most enamoring relationship I have ever seen on television. Fuck Cyclops and Jean Grey, Randy and Lahey have true love) and his love for doing the right thing…..most of the time. Lahey tends to cross the shitline occasionally in his quest to rid the park of the boys, but Randy is normally there to bring him back down to earth and show him what he is doing may not be the most intelligent, or legal of ideas. Much like when he kidnapped and ballgagged the boys and kept them in a homemade jail in his yard, or when he threatened to kill Ricky and himself with guns and a vest full of explosives. Randy is the calming side to Lahey’s explosive side. Lahey’s delusions tend to drive him towards extreme measures, and without Randy to calm him down, who knows what could have happened? Hilarity…that’s what would have happened.

randy lahey 4

Lahey and Randy are also some of the only people who seem to get more and more progressive in terms of their characters towards the later seasons. Along with J-Roc and T, they make the most amount of character progression throughout the show. Not to say nobody else does, they just make the biggest jump. They originally start out as just regular assholes, and then make the jump into huge fucking assholes later on. Between ploys of being on the side of the boys, to releasing Cyrus (well why don’t we fuck on?) from prison to kill the boys, Lahey and Randy are constantly inventing new ways to outdo themselves and their previous attempts to fuck over the boys. But much like all relationships, the one between Randy and Lahey has had its ups and downs. Fights, too much drinking, too much dope smoking, old flames and new flames, pregnancy with the park tramp, jail time, and just all around ludicrousness, their relationship has hit quite a few strains. The main cause being Lahey’s obsession with bringing down Ricky and blaming him for everything bad that has happened in his life, which is not entirely false. Ricky has had a huge hand in guiding Lahey to his current fractured mind state, and his continued escapades only further send Lahey towards total brain meltdown….much like at the end of Countdown to Liquor Day (The second Trailer Park Boys movie, and my favorite). Through all of the trials and tribulations though, they seem to always love each other and end up with one another. Whether it be a season down the road, or two episodes later, they always go back to each other.

randy and lahey 2

The Trailer Park Boys have made a name for themselves in terms of underground comedy, eventually even going on tour (which I was lucky enough to see when they came to the Egg in Albany) and doing renditions of their characters, to the point where I am not sure it could be labeled underground for much longer. A third movie is in production and wrapped filming recently, so if you are in need of your boys fix( which sounds way more dirty and gross than necessary, but I’m keeping it that way ) you are in luck in 2013. However, like I said earlier, a good deal of their successful credit needs to be given to Lahey and Randy. The X-Men need Magneto, Daredevil needs Bullseye, Hal Jordan needs Sinestro…and the Boys need Lahey and Randy. For they are the liquor, and the liquor is them.

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  1. idea… Give Ricky a role as an herb trader in Game of Thrones that runs into Tyrion in a short scene with no script.. I see no way it doesn’t end up being hilarious

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