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Good Afternoon Nerds!

Even though I’ve been a geek for my entire life, there still have been a few geeky things that have eluded me in different ways. I’ve spoken in the past how I was dead-against Star Trek for a good portion of my life, but turned into a pretty big Trekkie after the new movies were released. With that said, I have found another piece of the nerd pie these past couple of weeks and I plan to devour it up over the summer! That missing piece of geekdom is none other than Doctor Who!

So at this point your probably saying one of two things:
“Doctor Who, really? You’re just getting into that?” or “Doctor Who, really? You’re watching the show with the guy in the scarf?” I can say that I was definitely part of the second group up until about a week ago. I mean I’ve seen Doctor Who before, really I have. I remember watching it on public access TV in the 80’s at my grandmother’s senior living apartments. She always had it on so whenever I went there I would catch it and to be honest thought it was kinda dumb. I’ve already said that Star Trek never appealed to me because it looked so cheesy and as a kid I thought the same thing about Doctor Who, but I was a nerdy fat kid so I watched whatever was on the flickering box in front of me, or maybe I just played with my toys with it on in the background? Needless to say, the good doctor didn’t leave a good taste in my mouth (or maybe those were my Grandma’s stale cookies?) In fact, looking back I don’t know if ol’ Grammy Evil was an old school Whovian or just thought that The Doctor was a news reporter? (Yeah, Grandma kinda lost it by then….)

Fast Forward to 2013 and my compatriots C-Mart and Arthur Harkness wont stop talking about Doctor Who. Obviously I knew what they were talking about since I was aware of the relaunch, but still never watched any of the new ones. I knew that it was becoming huge simply based on the drinking game that C-Mart and I developed at comic con all those years ago! 🙂 But still I wouldn’t bite and in fact made fun of the Dr as much as I could to them, (and snarkilly I wouldn’t call him the Doctor too.) But after hearing C-Mart and Arthur for the past 6 months or so I thought that I would give it a try. I had some free time coming up and figured, what the Hell… lets see what they’re all talking about. I asked where to start and C-mart told me to start with David Tennant but Arthur told me to start at the beginning. At the end of the day I chose to start with the 1st season of the relaunch with Christopher Eccleston. At first I didn’t know what to think. C-Mart told me they started out slow and there was a bit of cheesiness to the effects, but I knew that if I waited long enough it would pay off.

These green men made me sleepy.....zzzzzzzzz

These green men made me sleepy…..zzzzzzzzz

Luckily I’m a patient man because I wasn’t invested at first and literally fell asleep in the 3rd and 4th episodes, but I stuck it through and I can say that I am a very happy nerd for doing so! Currently I’m almost finished with the first season and Ill give it two thumbs up. The stories are mostly self-contained, but you can see that there is a bigger story beginning to unfold. I really dig the characters too and can honestly say that I’ll be sad to see Christopher Eccleston go, although everyone raves about David Tennant. I’ve always been a fan of Eccleston since I saw him on Heroes and like the quirkiness that he brings to the role. Rose has definitely grown on me and almost immediately I thought that Cap’n Jack was awesome! I can take or leave Mickey at this point, but get the feeling that he’ll do something big sooner or later. My favorite episodes so far have been Dalek (because it started to build the continuity) and the ones in WWII London with the zombie-like people asking for their Mummy. Those were creepily awesome and they gave us Cap’n Jack! And just like that I was hooked…

I'm digging this Doctor!

I’m digging this Doctor!

She's cool, but he's still a punk.

She’s cool, but he’s still a punk.

Cap'n Jack has somehow channeled Han Solo for me!

Cap’n Jack has somehow channeled Han Solo for me!

Vast in the glory of the Metaltron! Kidding, Kidding...

Vast in the glory of the Metaltron! Kidding, Kidding…

So, am I a Whovian? Nope, not yet, still too much of a Who-Noob at the moment. But I am on my bridge to Who-vana! Maybe it was passed down in my blood from Grandma to like The Doctor, maybe it was being convinced by C-Mart and Arthur, o maybe it was sheer curiosity. In the end I dont care because I’m totally into this now and plan to get 100% caught up over the summer so when we go down to NYCC in the fall I can go to the Way Station in Brooklyn with C-Mart and Arthur and get snookered on Sonic Screwdrivers and hang out in The TARDIS!

Plan to hang out here? Check!

Plan to hang out here? Check!

Getting bombed on Sonic Screwdrivers? Also Check!

Getting bombed on Sonic Screwdrivers? Also Check!

I’ll be sure to keep you all up to date with my Who journey throughout the summer and now I know for sure that if I had access to the TARDIS I would go back to when I was 25 and create a paradox by kicking my own ass for not watching this awesome show then!

Later Nerds!

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  1. Now we can share everything! Seriously, if you’re hooked this early into the game, you have no idea of the awesomeness on which you are about to embark, courtesy of Mssrs. Tennant and Smith.

  2. I’ll tell you what, this experience has been both humbling as a geek and absolutely awesome! I was so psyched after writing about The Doctor today that I finished season I this afternoon and it was so badass! I can’t wait until later tonight when I can whole-heartedly jump into season II! Thanks to Jen and Don for commenting and to C-Mart and Arthur for the peptalks to watch!

  3. Don Twice Meyer

    Well done. I didn’t watch it out of hatred for Mr. Harkness but since Big Evil is on board I may have to gander.

  4. ha ha that’s awesome 🙂 I’ve never been much for science fiction, but my husband and I started watching Doctor Who not too long ago and flew through it. I absolutely love the show and cannot believe I waited so long to start watching it! I posted a blog post this morning on my new love for the Doctor (along with a few other BBC shows)!

  5. you have no idea how awesome it is that you are getting into this now haha. also, ive been to the Waystation in Brooklyn, and its awesome. I got to pee in the TARDIS…and it was the most magical moment of my life haha!

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