Talking ‘Bout My Re-Generation: Matt Smith To Hang Up His Sonic Screwdriver!


In case you missed the Whovian news-bomb that detonated this weekend, official word from the BBC is that come this December, Matt Smith will be leaving the TARDIS.  That’s right, Matt Smith’s personal Holiday gift to all of us will be an emotional punch in the stomach.  Great, that’s just how I wanted to end Christmas Night; sobbing uncontrollably!  Half the world is going to be asking for a hankie as a stocking stuffer this year.


This year’s Christmas special will be the last time we see the 11th at the helm of the TARDIS, as Matt Smith will be regenerating himself  into a movie career and we’ll be getting a brand new Doctor.  Personally, I’m pretty bummed about this.  I started watching the show just as Matt Smith took over, so he’s been my Doctor the entire time I’ve been a viewer.  I’ve caught up on everything from the 9th Doctor on, but this is the first time I’m experiencing a regeneration as it happens in real-time.  The episode is still about 6 months away, but I’m already in extreme anticipation.  I’ve got faith in the writing team and in the producers, so I know the person they choose to take over will be a perfect fit, but I’m still a little uneasy with this upheaval.  There will always be that “What if?” factor when it comes to the new Doctor; What if it’s someone with a radical take on thew character? What if the quality of the show declines?   Matt Smith has left us with some remarkably bad ass moments as the Doctor; the speech from “The Pandorica Opens”, the “Captain Runaway” scene from “A Good Man Goes To War” and ton of others, will the new person be able to keep up that intensity?


The other thing I’m worried about are the side characters.  I really like characters like River, or the trio of Strax, Vastra, and Jenny, but it seems to me that secondary characters like that tend to go by the wayside when there’s a new Doctor on board.  When was the last time we heard from Captain Jack Harkness, or Martha Jones, heck I’d even like to see what Mickey Smith is up to these days.  Also, what do the Gallifreyan marriage laws say about regeneration?  Will the new Doctor and River still be married? I’d hate to see a great character like River Song go, so I’m definitely keeping my fingers crossed in hopes she’ll be sticking around.  I’m expecting that she’ll at least be around to say “Goodbye Sweetie” to the 11th.

Steven Moffat has already told us to prepare in advance for a tear jerker of an episode, as though you’d expect anything less.  It’s sad anytime one of the lead characters in the show leaves, but it’s always extra sad when the Doctor checks out.  If you can watch David Tennant’s final scene without weeping then you truly have a heart of stone and for that I admire you.  We’ve got two more episodes left with the 11th Doctor, so that basically guarantees that they’ll be incredibly important episodes.  On top of that, the next episode will feature the 10th and the 11th Doctors meeting!  They weren’t kidding when they told us that the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who was going to be a big year.  I’ll be incredibly sad when Matt Smith’s zany, smarmy, Doctor is no more, but I’m sure the 12th Doctor, whomever they may be, isn’t going to let us down.  You can check back here after each of those last two episodes air for an in-depth Who Review, so until then make sure your sonic screwdrivers are fully charged and your bow ties clean Evil Geeks, because the most important lesson Matt Smith taught us: Bow ties are cool.

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  1. That’d be cool if Hiddleston did do it, but I don’t think he’d have the comedic chops to pull it off. You need someone kind of goofy to do it. Can you imagine a Doctor Dinklage or even…. dare I even say it…DOCTOR PICARD/XAVIER!!!!

  2. Paging Doctor Loki…

  3. oh dude if you haven’t seen a regeneration in real time, its like nothing else out there. you’ll literally be clutching whatever you have near you with white knuckle strength haha. i’m so sad yet excited. I want Tom Hiddleston as the Doctor haha

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