Snyder and Timm Team-Up!

Happy Weekend Geeks!

Word on the street is that Man of Steel Director Zack Snyder and DC Animated Guru Bruce Timm are teaming up to create an animated short to celebrate Superman’s 75th Birthday! If that’s not enough, they are also working with Jay Oliva from Young Justice and Batman The Dark Knight Returns fame, DC’s Geoff Johns & Mike Carlin, and Peter Girardi from Warner Brothers Animation.
The short is homage to all versions of Superman through the years including the Max Fleischer cartoons, both the George Reeves and Christopher Reeve screen performances, and of course the many versions of Supes from the comics, and all the way up to Henry Cavill’s performance of the Man of Steel! It’s hard to believe that Big Blue is turning 75 and that means that superhero comics as we know it are also reaching that milestone, which in my mind is awesome and deserves a celebration! What classic Supermen do you hope to see in this footage? I’m curious if they’re going to include the mullet and Superman Red/Blue or if that will simply be glossed over? Let us know what you want to see in our comments.

The short will premier later this summer at Comic-Con International and will make it’s way to different mediums later on in the Fall.

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