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Panel of the Day 6/30/13

Normally, this feature highlights a panel that is either too awesome not to be shared or so unintentionally funny that the world must see it. Today’s entry is somewhat different… It’s meant to serve as a cautionary example.

When Marvel rebooted their non-mutant line with the Heroes Reborn initiative, many were elated to hear that Rob Liefeld would be drawing both Captain America and the Avengers. That happiness was, however, fleeting… The end of Avengers #1 was a wakeup call to a generation.


We will never forget.

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What if Superpowers were Real???

Afternoon Nerds!

I think it’s safe to say that not only have we all pondered on the question above, but you’ve probably had many conversations and maybe even arguments about the subject with your friends and family. (BTW, totally speaking from personal experience here. 🙂 ) Anywho, TED-Ed, the folks behind the famous TED Talks have produced a new video series investigating six different power sets and how they would work in the real world, rather than Metropolis.

The following videos detail invisibilty, flight, immortality, super strength, super speed, and body mass. To say the least, they’re pretty fun. So check them out below!

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Villain Spotlight: Jean-Baptiste Emanuel Zorg

Greeting and Salutations all those in the geekdom! Welcome back once again to another dose of pure, unadulterated villainy. To be completely honest with you all, I was highly debating on whether or not to make the spotlight about myself this week, purely based upon a drawing done by one Martian Luthor Kang 117th. I unfortunately decided against it, mainly because I do not think the world could handle that much meta in a single article, and also I don’t seem to have that high a level of hubris….not yet at least. Trust me though, when I say I was basing it purely on that portrait, it must be something amazing, and amazing it is. It will be unleashed in due time, but now is not the time. Although I know you all want the spotlight on me (and I do blush) I must bring it over to one of my favorite villains. Encountering him not too long ago, but long enough that he may have been swept under most radars, I immediately hated this man, and by hate I mean love. Ladies and gentlemen, mercs and space pirates, I bring to you….Jean-Baptiste…Emanuel….Zorg!!


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The Weekly Skitter Report: At All Costs

Ahoy-hoy Evil Geeks, it’s time for an albeit delayed, yet still full of recapped goodness, all-new Weekly Skitter Report!  In the immortal words of Prince om the 1989 Batman soundtrack “TRUST! Who do ya?”  This weeks ep of Falling Skies was all about who can and can’t be trusted.  There are of course people you know can be trusted 100%, Tom Mason being first and foremost of that class; then there are some people who you know CAN’T be trusted, like Hal with his alien, bug, probe thingy stuck in his ear.  Even this far into the story there are some people (or more accurately, Beings), that you really don’t know who they’re actually loyal to or what their true intentions are .  Read on to find out who shakes out on what side of the trust line. Be warned though… the answers might shock you!

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Comic Book Panel of the Day 6/27/13

Hey Evil Geeks!

Today’s Panel of the Day comes from Uncanny Avengers #9 and stars the broken up bromance of Hank McCoy and Simon Williams, better known to us mere mortals as Beast and Wonder Man. Take a look see…

Beast and Wondie

All I gotta say is “Oh, no you didn’t!”
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July Trade Paperback Recommendations

I don’t buy a lot of new single issue comics. To me it doesn’t make any sense to go buy 1 comic for 5 individual series that I will read in 10 minutes than forget what happened by the time the next issue is released. God forbid if it’s delayed too. I prefer to buy trades if I can, that way I feel like I accomplished something when I’m through. I can also get a whole storyline at once and perhaps even an ending/closure. I might be everything that’s wrong with the modern day comic industry.

With all that said, I probably keep an eye out on Amazon for trades that are being released more than most people. The month of July has some excellent releases on the docket that I’m looking forward to and you should too.

Saga Vol. 2

Release Date: July 2

Collects Issues #7-12


Saga has been one of the most critically acclaimed and interesting new series. In Vol. 1 we are introduced to Marko and Alana, two star crossed lovers on opposite sides of a galactic war. When they bear a child it forces them to go on the run and become fugitives. The book is populated with endlessly imaginative characters and landscapes. In general terms it would be considered Sci-Fi but it’s so much more than that. It’s a story of desperation, but ultimately of hope. Vol. 1 ended with them being able to escape the planet they were stranded on and head to outer space. Shit is going to get intergalactic in Vol. 2.

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