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A frosty good day to you all my loyal rogues. Your boy Arthur is back again this week with another Villain Spotlight. During Free Comic Book day, the Geeks did a live podcast at Earthworld Comics in Albany, NY. The turn out was amazing, but the thing that interested me the most was a little kid who’s favorite character was the Flash. This brought a tear to Big Evil’s villainous eye, and an idea hit me. In honor of that kid and the fact that Big Evil loves the Flash so much, today I will be bringing the spotlight onto a member of the Flash’s rogue’s gallery. So suit up and make sure you have some warm clothing, because Captain Cold is coming to town!

captain cold

Leonard Snart/ Captain Cold is quite possibly one of the Flash’s most iconic and popular villains, behind only to Gorilla Grodd I would say. Something of an enigma, Cold doesn’t play by the same rules as most villains. He prefers to be honorable , for lack of a better word. Never hurting women or children, a strict no drug policy for his gang (Sorry Mirror Master, no more coke for you), and making sure there is little to no excessive damage done while on the job, Cold is a professional criminal. Raised by an abusive father, you would think he would be sadistic and cruel, but he is quite the opposite. He loved his sister, a villain by the name of Golden Glider( runs in the family) and even cares for his gang, going so far as to arrange a funeral after the death of the original Captain Boomerang. Cold is not your normal type of villain, and I love him for that. He even respects the Flash, his greatest enemy, even if they are on differing sides of the law. How awesome is that? You know you should hate this person, and you do, but you still have to respect the things he does. They even worked together when Cold was framed, and didn’t even stab the Flash in the back after the deed was done. Very chivalrous.

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Captain Cold has no real powers besides his own cunning and planning abilities, but uses a cold gun to freeze and trap his enemies. He found this out by accident after modifying a gun he had in order to take away the Flash’s speed, freezing an unsuspecting guard in place. After that, he donned his trademark parka, and a legend was born. He originally worked as a mercenary with his sister, but that went south and he eventually began to work alone before bringing the rogues together. As a member and leader of the Rogues, Cold was a fearless and dedicated leader. He was not opposed to making sure everything was done to perfection, even docking pay of members who went overboard or excessive in their violence. A fan of quick, clean jobs, Cold made sure everything went to plan when he could was in charge. He beats Mirror Master when he learns he still has a coke problem, and tells him there is no place for him in the Rogues unless he gets clean, which works as Mirror Master quits his habit. Most villains would applaud or encourage destructive behavior, but Cold does not. He is stoic in his beliefs and doesn’t want his friends and coworkers hurting themselves or others if it isn’t necessary.

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That is not to say that Cold isn’t above pulling off crimes and whatnot, or that he is not prone to violence himself. After finding out his sister, the Golden Glider, was murdered by a demon named Chillblaine, he hunted the creature down and proceeded to torture it by freezing its skin over and over until it fell off, before pushing it off a building to fall with a satisfying splat. If you’re going to go for revenge, might as well make it thorough, huh? Years go by and Cold is smarter and more cunning. After serving time with the Suicide Squad and other villains, he was even partly responsible for the death of Bart Allen, which is a big no no and shocked the comic community. It wasn’t entirely his fault though, as the Rogues were duped into it by the villainous speedster Inertia. Which leads us to one of my favorite runs with the Rogues during Final Crisis. In Rogue’s revenge, it centers around the Rogues going after Inertia after being on the run from essentially the whole DCU. The villains led by Libra want them to join them, while the heroes are looking for them to get some payback for Bart’s death, and payback is exactly what they get. After some fighting and clearing their names, also dealing with a returning Professor Zoom who has been coaching Inertia, the Rogues get their revenge on the little prick, and consider them squared away with the Flash family, at least for the time being. Cold makes it known that they do not kill speedsters, only slow them down so they can get away. Inertia broke that rule, and they put it back into place in the most brutal and awesome of fashions.

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Cold returns during the Blackest Night storyline, and is alarmed at the returning dead Rogues. He also is horrified to learn that the new Captain Boomerang has been feeding women, children, and anything he can lure into a pit containing his Black Lantern father. Cold does not take too kindly to this, and throws him into the pit to be eaten with the rest. They do not kill women and children. Huge Mistake on Boomerang’s part. In recent times, in the world of the New 52, Captain Cold has been reinvented as a meta-human rather than having his standard cold gun. He had some experiments performed on him in order to power himself up, and decides to break the rules of his own game. He decides to kill the Flash as he deems him responsible for the ailments of his sister. He even kicks the Flash’s ass hard for a while until he is brought down by the Flash and Pied Piper. Its actually rather disheartening but also thrilling to see Snart break his biggest rule. You have a villain who has a set of rules that he doesn’t deviate or let anyone else stray from, and he makes the decision to break it. It just goes to show what grief can do to people.

rogue's revenge

Captain Cold may not be the most popular or powerful of villains, but what he lacks in that department, he makes up for it in sheer style and honor. It’s a rarity to meet a villain who isn’t a total dick, and its even more rare to see one actually have a sense of right and wrong. I am definitely excited to see what is going to happen next with Cold and the Rogues. I am assuming the newly meta Captain Cold will provide us with some frosty and tasty treats of villainy. Until next week folks! Make sure to tune in soon as well as I have something special in store for you all very soon.

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  1. Great article, though you did miss one thing. Captain Cold does kill and will kill for a few reasons. 1. Someone breaks their code such as you point out Captain Boomerang doing. 2. Life or death. If you will die if you don’t kill the other person, it’s fair game. 3. Revenge. That’s where the third comes in. Cold is more than justified within his own moral codes to try and kill the Flash and anyone in his way such as when he went to kill Chill Blaine for the death of his sister. Since it IS his sister, he can be allowed some leniency in this particular case haha.

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