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Hey there Evil Geeks!  It’s been a while since I’ve checked in, that’s because I’ve been on  a rare sojourn out of the Evil Lair.  Every so often, it’s good to escape the dank confines of our most vile headquarters and seek out strange new wonderments, much in the manner of Fraggle Rock’s Uncle Traveling Matt.  Not every Evil Geek gets to make it out of the Lair so often, so we like to scout out locations and report back our findings in case other members of our Evil cadre find themselves in those areas in the future.  This time my yearly walkabout brought me to the sunny skies of Southern California, where I found myself at Meltdown Comics in Los Angeles!


For those not familiar with the name, Meltdown Comics is the biggest comic shop on the Sunset Strip in LA, most likely in size, but definitely in name and reputation.  Stop by on any given day and you might see a secretly nerdy celebrity picking up their weekly books alongside the rest of the comic geeks.

photo(3)Home to thousands of unique collectables and rare comics, Meltdown is part neighborhood comic shop, part museum as many of the items on display are exclusive to the store.  They’ve got old comics and rare action figures on display in the store as well.  I was shocked to find Martian Luthor Kang’s coveted Cyborg figure from the Super Friends line prominently encased in glass.  There are even some unique movie props on display as well, such as this life-sized (albeit slightly battle damaged) Michaelangelo:

If they can figure out a way to make this thing dispense comics, I swear I'd fly cross-country every week just to buy books.

If they can figure out a way to make this thing dispense comics, I swear I’d fly cross-country every week just to buy books.

Aside from the cool toys and collectibles on display, there’s also a ton of kick ass t-shirts and other nerd clothing for sale.  A large corner of the store is dedicated to Junk Food Clothing, who are known for their geeky T-Shirts.  My personal favorite amongst the ones they had in the store was the one depicting Frank Gorshin’s Riddler from the Batman TV series with the phrase “Riddle Me Your Number” written on it.


As if all that wasn’t cool enough, Meltdown is also home to the NerdMelt Theater, an in-store comedy club run jointly with Nerdist Industries (Hardwick and Company actually just began recording the Nerdist podcast there recently).  I managed to catch an incredible line up of comedians on Saturday night for low price of only $8!


If you’re in Los Angeles and you’ve got hankering for doing something geeky, then I suggest you head on down Sunset and check out Meltdown Comics.  The experience of being in the shop is far more enjoyable than picking up books at some dirty, dingy comic shop in the middle of nowhere, because there’s so many cool things to see.  If you look closely, you may even be able to see the sticker of a certain Evil Geek themed website pasted up near the register (much thanks to the cashier that let me put it up there!).  Who knows, if you get there soon enough, there may even be some Brotherhood of Evil Geeks stickers left on the freebie table! We’ll have more geeky travel spots for you to check out in the future, we just need to get motivated enough to leave the Evil Lair first!  Until then, I’ll leave you with the sweet ass Captain America guitar to hold you over.


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