The Art Of Castlevania

If it isn’t obvious by now, I have a thing for old school Nintendo. I’m no stranger to nerd art either. In some cases those worlds collided in such a glorious way, in fact it happened a lot in the 8 bit era. Perhaps you recall the booklet from The Legend Of Zelda or maybe Mario 3 is more your style. Regardless, the art shown on the covers and booklets of Nintendo games were much more important then. It really helped conjure up a world and give you a feeling of what you were about to get into. Today we are going to highlight the original Castlevania series for the NES featuring the cover art of of the first three games.

I don’t even want to get into how incredibly spooky and awesome this first picture is. I’m pretty sure Arthur Harkness would get this tattooed on his back if he could.




As a bonus we have a rare picture from the Evil Geeks personal archives. Below is a portrait of Castlevania drawn by a young Martian Luthor Kang at the tender age of 4. Glory be!


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