Villain Spotlight: Superboy Prime (Part II)

Welcome back my little primes! Today I bring to you the second part of the saga of Superboy Prime, and I know you have all been waiting patiently for this. When we left off last week, Superboy Prime was confined to a cell made of solid energy and protected by Green Lanterns at all times. There is rarely a person capable and needing of this sort of watch, which is saying something considering the rogues gallery of the DCU. Not all things are meant to stay in chains, and thanks to a certain Yellow Lantern Corps, Prime is broken out and joins up with the fear wielders, becoming a herald of the Anti-Monitor. But wait Arthur, wasn’t the Anti-Monitor the guy who destroyed Prime’s world? Yes indeed he was, and what better way to get close to him than to become one of his pawns, albeit temporarily. He dons a suit similar to his old one that got destroyed, although this one has the symbol of the Sinestro Corp on it, which makes it look so awesome. This is where things start to get fun.


The reason he is rolling with the yellows is because he wants to play along for a bit, before getting a chance to rip the Anti-Monitor into tiny little pieces for fucking things up for his world, and driving him to get to this point. He takes the name of Superman Prime (due to legal disputes, but still an awesome name) and proceeds to go on a pretty solid rampage. What happens here is something I have already brought to your attention in one of our Podcasts, the Best Fight Scenes (which you should totally listen to, because its amazing). The Lanterns, needing some extra muscle and realizing that Prime can’t really be stopped unless they have their own overpowered warrior, infuse Sodam Yat with the Ion entity and send him after Prime. The battle that ensues is one of the best I have ever seen in comics, and will never be something I forget. Daxamites (Yat’s species) are essentially Kryptonian cousins and can dish out a lot of punishment, but are vulnerable to lead, which will kill them, much like Kryptonite. Prime uses it to his advantage and gores Yat with a lead pipe, fortunately not killing him though. Yat’s ring keeps the lead poisoning at bay, and a feud for the ages is born. This will come into play later, in an awesome time twisty way. He battles back and notices that the Anti-Monitor has been wounded by the Guardians, and proceeds to fly right through his chest, seemingly killing him. He then tells everyone to go fuck themselves, and starts to fight everyone. It takes an Oan guardian sacrificing himself to hurt him, but it didn’t kill him, just scattered him through the multiverse. If you haven’t gotten a chance to pick up the Sinestro Corps War run by Geoff Johns, do yourself a favor, and freaking get it. Its amazing.

prime vs yat

What comes next is actually slightly hazy to me, mainly because it involves Prime bouncing around different versions of Earth and space attempting to find his Earth, Earth Prime. He is unsuccessful, and in a battle with the Monarch, blows him up and seemingly kills an entire universe with the explosion. If I can’t be happy, no one else can seems to be his mentality, which is something I can relate to as I spend most of my weekends at the mall throwing rocks at old happy couples. Fuck them. We don’t see Prime again until Final Crisis, but not in the form you are most likely thinking.

In Legion of the 3 Worlds, Prime awakes to see that he has been brought to Smallville by a man named the Time Trapper in a bid to destroy the Legion. He lands in a museum for Superman (gross) and learns that they have made him nothing more than a footnote in Supe’s history, which I am sure you all know is not a good thing. He loses his shit, and proceeds to  destroy the fuck out of the museum, which is all I have ever wanted.  He notices though that there was a Legion of Super Villains, and they all followed a supposedly dark lord who’s name was too scary to speak, and we have now introduced Voldemort into the DC continuity….just kidding. He decides to be more than that, and breaks out a few villains to get this crew going. The crew, once broken out, seem overjoyed that he is there, and we have a hint that this dark being is actually Prime. Fuck yeah. He even burns a giant S into the prison planet in hopes of turning a symbol of hope into a symbol of terror. The Legion of Superheroes then , in a bitch move, contact the Superman of our Earth, and being him to their time, as he states nobody has any idea what happened to Prime after the Sinestro Corps War.

A huge battle then takes place, and we see multiple versions of the Legion of Superheroes get their asses handed to them by Prime and his crew, and Prime gets the glory of killing the last Green Lantern in existence, Rond Vidar. This pisses off a hidden and old Sodam Yat, who has been meditating on a distant planet surrounded by green rings, and he heads off to battle Prime, as does a returning Bart Allen and Connor Kent, who both have history with Prime. Prime kills a bunch more people, before the Time Trapper forces a few of the Legion to where he is, and it is revealed that he is an aged Prime from the future. They then bring the Trapper and Prime face to face and they start to bicker, as teen angst still hasn’t fully left Prime. The touch and shit goes crazy as the paradox created sends Prime back to his Earth, depowered and living in his mom’s basement, but as the screen fades, his eyes glow red. Oooooh chills everyone, chills. He states that he always survives, and he does.

time trapper prime

Fast forward to the Blackest Night event, and Prime is seen sulking in his room. He has come to realize that he is somewhat of a joke while scouring through comics, and this upsets him. Genuinely though, not in a teen fashion.  A Black Lantern Luthor Jr arrives and restores his Prime powers so he can be more aware of the emotional spectrum, and be able to feed on him more fully. After some events, he is depressed to know that he will never be what he wants, and puts on a black ring, which wills him to die. However, the sheer amount of emotional strain Prime has gone through, overrides the black ring and in an explosion of all the emotions and colors of the ring spectrum, destroys the Black Lanterns in his vicinity, and he is still alive. His dead girlfriend is back though, and in a loving embrace, a black ring is shown on her finger, stating that it detects hope within Prime. Fat chance bitch.


Prime is brought back one more time by mistakes on the Titans behalf, and goes into an all out war with them, culminating in multiple groups of Titans needed to stop him. In the end , he is put into the Source Wall, and is now simply waiting to return, as am I.  I honestly love this fucking character. I know a lot of people have given him shit for being a bit of an emotional prick, but who isn’t? I can name a hundred different character who have let their emotions get the better of them, and in reality who hasn’t? I guess most of us don’t go on universe destroying rampages when we are upset, but that’s besides the point. There are many different readers and writers who have discussed whether or not Prime could be redeemed at this point, and I think he can, but to be honest, I hope he isn’t. I find his character way too intriguing as a villain rather than a hero, and I would probably lose my shit if they made him a Titan….but I would read it nonetheless, such is my fandom.

So what do you guys think? Is he past redemption? Has he gone past the point of no return? Let me know what you think! And if you want, let me know how much you hate him, as it will validate my choice for the Spotlight. Here’s to you Prime, you emotionally confused villainous bastard! We love you!

—–Arthur Harkness

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  1. @Wallace-thanks man! I love Prime and had to choose him. and @ sinz…….you are absolutely spot on with that. why not make him a more dark hero who decides to murder everyone for the sake of everyone else? they call him in when they need a Supes style character but cant use the real one for fear of public image. I know there is no way to have the regular Supes give him his blessing in this sort of endeavor, but I think it would be really awesome to see them do something along those lines. If he is to be redeemed, make it in a way where he still is Prime, but better than Prime. And my brain just exploded with this idea…..a Prime and Sodam Yat team up…it would be the Lethal Weapon of the DC Universe!!

  2. Gonna have to join you in your love for Prime. Not sure why, but his character has clicked with me better than a lot of other popular villains.

    Though I loathed what they did with him in the last run. Teen Titans defeating Prime, really? After promising to leave him alone in the BN arc, no less. If you ask me, they should’ve given him back his powers and him the dark guardian of Earth-Prime, because that’s what he wanted to be from the start. Let the Legion of Superheroes do their own saving in the public, while Prime kills off all the villains behind the scenes, so in the end no one is left alive to threaten his beloved world. The interactions between the vicious Prime and the Legion of Superheroes would be interesting, since he’d technically be on their side, just working with far more effective methods.

    So yes, you could say I want him redeemed. Why? Because villains never win, unfortunately. And if the DC get yet another reboot, imagine the faces of all tree hugging hippy heroes when they see that Prime is ripping apart their common enemies. Still ruthless, still borderline demented and wisecracking, but where he belongs – protecting his beloved Earth-Prime with every method available to him.

  3. Great recap bro!

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