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Today’s Panel of the Day comes from Batman and Red Hood #20 from last week. I just got caught up last night and I’ve gotta say that I really enjoy the way that DC is teaming Bruce back up with his old partners following his son, Damian’s demise. The panel is so simple, but powerful. Bruce has brought Jason Todd back to where he died with hopes that it may trigger some subconscious memory on how exactly he came back because he misses his son that damn much. This is such a contrast to when Jason died in the 80’s. Although he mourned him, he never tried to bring him “back,” but maybe that’s because he thought it was impossible back then. Either way, I’ve always been a fan of Damian and although I really wish he did not die, I am glad that his death has been taken seriously in the Bat-books and that there has been follow up, rather than just moving on. Granted it was his son rather than just a partner (I know, I know, they are all his sons,) but 10 years ago the story would have ended and another one would have picked up. So I’m glad that the serialized storytelling in Comic Books in general has improved to such a point that this man will end at nothing to bring his boy back.


When I read this, all I could think of was “Why do you think Jason is always such a dick, Bruce?” Ya gotta feel bad for him about this, but Bruce just doesn’t care. He just wants to find a way. So, do I think we’ll see Damian again? Yes, he has the blood of the demon in his veins after all, but it’ll be awhile. And akin to Jason Todd, he may come back as an unfriendly.

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