Brand New Man of Steel Trailer Released!

Good Morning Superfans!

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The newest Man of Steel trailer has been released and it is entirely different than what we’ve seen so far! This one really focuses on Zod and his plan to capture the Last Son of Krypton. We all think that Batman is gruff and gritty, whereas Superman is a purer symbol and each piece of marketing for this movie up to this point has shown that noble hero that we all love. This newest spot tears the roof off of that nobility and shows us why you don’t mess with Zod! Check it out NOW…

WOW! Seriously, that is badass! There is so much going on here that now I can’t wait until June 14th to get a glimpse of this flick. I must say though that we all had to see something like this coming given that Zack Snyder is directing and this tailer did not dissapoint. I’ve really enjoyed that so far we’ve seen Clark as an unseen hero like in the Superman: Birthright series, but when Zod brings out the big guns I just know that we’re gonna see this guy turn into something more and we’ll all believe that a man can fly… again!


June 13th cant get here soon enough… Long live the “Cinema Summer of Geek”!

Kneel Before Zod!

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