New Trailer for The Wolverine released!

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We are in full swing of the “Cinema Summer of Geek” {Patent Pending :)} with Iron Man and Star Trek (review coming tomorrow!) already in theaters and kicking ass. Today Marvel and 20th Century Fox dropped a brand new Wolverine trailer on us and it looks awesome! Check it out NOW…

I am just loving the fact that they’ve put Logan in Japan and are giving us the badass samurai Wolverine that we all know and love. Fox has a lot to gamble on this movie too. With Days of Future Past in production, they need an X-Men movie to hit pretty big at the box office to gain some momentum. So here’s hoping that we get that revenge-loving killing machine with honor that we all want to see this summer and that all those ninjas are part of The Hand rather than just a Night of a Million-Zillion Ninjas!

The Wolverine opens on July 26th, 2013 and continues the “Cinema Summer of Geek”!

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