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Good evening my fellow Whovians! And what an evening it is. Tonight marks the much anticipated season finale of Doctor Who, and I couldn’t be more excited. Normally, the Who Review is done by one of our fearless leaders, but in his absence he has charged me, your boy Arthur, to join you all in the monumentous occasion. Will we find out who Clara is? Will we find out the Doctor’s name? Let’s find out! (For the record, I sincerely hope I do not hear the Doctor’s real name. I don’t think my brain could handle it just yet.)

clara in the beginning

As a warning, I am going to do my absolute best to keep this spoiler free. I normally am rather heavy on them, but after just finishing the episode, it would be an injustice to you all to read about them before getting a chance to see the episode. We start out with an awesome scene depicting Clara having disjointed memories of herself interacting with every incarnation of the Doctor. From the first all the way to the eleventh, Clara has apparently been there since the beginning. I know this sounds like I am giving away something big, but trust me, this is just the tip of the iceberg. We are soon joined by Madame Vastra, Jenny, and the amazing Strax, as they set up a sort of conference call to summon protectors of the Doctor. These include people we have been traveling with this season, plus a returning River Song, who looks just as beautiful as ever. Deal with it, she’s pretty hot. This call was made mainly to discuss how a prisoner that was visited by Madame Vastra, could know about a huge secret of the Doctor’s, concerning his name and a little place called Trenzelor. Mother of god. For those of you who do not know, Trenzelor is the place fated to bear the fall of the Eleventh Doctor, as prophesied by the Silence. It’s not a place we want the Doctor visiting. We are also introduced to some new baddies in the form of the Whisper Men, who are creepy as hell. Sporting blank white faces and what looks to be fish style teeth, they whisper a song that makes your skin crawl, and have broken into the conference with the protectors of the Doctor. We are shown that the Great Intelligence has returned in the form of Dr Simian from the Christmas special. DUN DUN DUN!

whisper men and GI

We are finally brought to the Doctor, who has been playing blind man’s bluff with some kids in Clara’s house, and Clara tells him about what she knows, and she tells him about what she knows, and the message the Great Intelligence has for the Doctor, which is to go to Trenzelor, or his friends die. We all know that that is not really a threat you want to give to the Doctor, as countless villains have learned what happens when you do that. A severe ass whoopin. I am also literally shaking with fanboyism at this point because the episode is so seriously awesome. I was a bit shaky on the season so far, but it seems they were just biding their time in order to unleash this monster of an episode on us. Good work Moffett…you evil genius bastard. The Doctor also shows some really hard emotions here as he is stunned and saddened to hear about the location he needs to go to. I would too if I forcibly made to go to the location of my supposed death. He also lets us know that there is a place time travelers are never supposed to go , and that is his deepest secret. I am assuming it is New Jersey. A few major plot developments are settled and also set up here, which makes me even more excited to see how things play out. The Doctor decides to go, and the TARDIS is piiiiiissed. It knows that he shouldn’t be going there, and tries to force him to not go, even going so far as to shut down completely, but not after the Doctor forces her to land on Trenzelor. We find out that Trenzelor is actually a graveyard, and we are introduced to the Doctor’s tomb, as I am introduced to legitimate sadness. I know he isn’t dead, but just the prospect of it happening in the future made me sad enough. Don’t judge me, I enjoy my hobbies maybe a little too much. Moving on…

trenzelor tardis

We come back from commercial break just in time to take a look at a giant version of the TARDIS as the Doctor explains that when a TARDIS dies, it can alter space and time, and it takes on a monstrous form, several stories tall. The Whisper Men show up, and everyone runs to safety. They make quite a few references to past episodes, and it makes me giggle like a little girl. The fan service in this episode is outstanding to say the least. We are then shown that the Whisper Men are actually just versions of the Great Intelligence and he can assume any of their forms at will, making him much more dangerous. He tells us his plan, and we are finally told what the name of the Doctor is, but not in the way you think…thankfully. It is a word that locks something, but I won’t tell you what it is. You will just have to watch to reveal that mystery. Clara also keeps remembering things she should not remember, and the Doctor is worried about that, as is Clara. She isn’t sure what is going on, but knows she needs to do something about it. We are then brought to the anticipated meeting of the Great Intelligence and the Doctor, and we are given a huge plot development. The Great Intelligence is here for revenge, and he has a super messed up plan for executing it.

doctor and river

After some really important things happen, like Clara being finally revealed for what or who she really is, The Doctor and River share a kiss as he says he is always thinking of her, and she hints at a possible relationship between her and *SPOILER*. Haha bet you thought I was going to tell you, huh? Well too BAD! You’re going to have to watch that. After arriving to the rescue of Clara, the Doctor tells her about a promise he made, and they are shown a future version of the Doctor, which is going to tie into the 50th anniversary. Much speculation has been going around concerning an announced part for the wonderful John Hurt in the 50th anniversary special, and we are finally shown what it is, and with great fanfare. This moment even illicited a HOLY SHIT moment from me, in which I was rather shocked at what he is slated to be. It just makes me wish it was November right now and not in 6 months. I am ready, willing, and able to freeze myself much like Cartman waiting for his Wii. The Episode ended while leaving us with many questions concerning the recently announced 8th season, and what they will do for the anniversary. All I can really say is that I am super excited. I really enjoyed the episode, and am positive C-Mart is going to have some things to say about it too. What did you guys think? Good? Great? Grand? Let us know as we are always down to talk Who.

doctor saves clara

Till next season my fellow Timelords!! Geronimo!!!

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